Opps! Help!

I’ve made a mistake in my blanket! I’m new to knitting, and this is my first project. It’s a simple, knit purl knit purl… i made a mistake though, i purled when i should have knitted and can see the mistake… my question is how do i take off that row? I’ve never had to take off before! Please!!! I’m at a loss… and if you could explain in simple terms that would be super!!! Thanks!

One solutions… if it is 1 stitch.

find the stitch, and track it up to needle

knit to that point, and drop the stitch…

let it run down to mistake.

then with a crochet hook, "knit it (chain it) back up) and return to needle

Don’t rip out rows and rows of perfect stitches to fix 1 lone stitch…

Ok, it’s not one stitch, its half way into the row ( over 100 stitches) and continues to the end of the row…

Then you probably need to take out the whole thing back to the boo boo. What I do to rip out several rows is take out the needles, unravel back to the row just before the one with the mistake, then put the sts on one by one as I take out that last row. It doesn’t matter if the sts are twisted on the needle, just get them on there again. You can use a smaller size to put them on so they go on easier.

i am using circular needles, does that make a difference? I really appreciate your help!

No, just take the needle out, rip out and reinsert as I described above. Now if it’s only a row or so back, you can unknit it by taking the sts off the right hand needle one at a time. When you get to the end of the row, put the needle with all the stitches in your right hand and keep going to before the mistake.

There are some great tips for fixing mistakes here under “Fixing Mistakes”: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips
The videos should really help you!


Yeah! Thanks girls! After about an hour, I figuered it out , and fixed it! Now i’m back on track!!!

Super duper!!!

I’ll be sure to post a picture when i’ve finished!

Yay! Learning to fix your mistakes is a real accomplishment. It makes ya fearless! Much better than ripping out the whole thing and starting over again.

Will definitely look for your pics!