Opinions on Tahki Tweedy Cotton Classic Yarn?

Has anyone worked with this yarn, and if so how’d ya like it? Does it wear well? Wash well? Something similar that you liked better?


I’m a huge fan of all the Thaki Cotton Classic yarns - the colors are great, knits nicely (and I tend to hate working with cotton) wears well and holds up for a long time. I’ve made lots of kids items out of sthis yarn over the years and it is still my first choice because the gauge works well and the color range is great. I would suggest that after weaving in your ends that you tack them down with sewing thread so they don’t poke out on the right side of your work.

I did hear that they might be discontinuing the tweedy colorways so just be sure to purchase enough for the project - maybe an extra hank.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Renee, that helps a lot!

Have you tried machine drying items made with this yarn, and if so did they shrink or malform?

Thanks so much!


I’ve lightly machine dried them and there was a little shrinkage in the length of the garment so if you plan on machine drying then I think you should plan for this. Maybe do a gauge swatch and then wash and dry it the way you would like to with the garment and then measure it for shrinkage.

I’ve done this before and even though it is more work I’m always glad I did it in the end.

Yes, I will experiment with my swatch.