Opinions on pattern

What do you think of this?? I’m thinking about trying this with some blue cotton tape I bought but never used.



I love it- it looks like it’s one of those tops that could easily dress up or down, depending on what you wear it with. Go for it!! :thumbsup:

I second that … very cute!

Like it and the cute butterfly skirt too! Where did you find the pattern?


It’s a Rowan pattern from “It’s a Tape Thing”

I don’t know about the sweater and all that but i hear my grandma telling her to stop slouching and to push her bangs outta her eyes before she cuts them! :rofling:

It’s a cute top but I don’t know about the knot in the front. Isn’t that out of date?

[color=blue]I agree I love it with the exception of the knot. Could you share where you found the pattern?

sebago, ME

:thumbsup: :roflhard:

I like it, especially the detail on the bottom, but I’d do without the tie part.

Wow! That is really cute. Just do it!

:roflhard: I dunno ab out your grandma doing that but I know I was =P

Its a cute top - not sure I like the tie but I do see it looking great in something like royal bamboo!