Opinions On LionBrand Fisherman's wool

What do you think of this yarn?

I’ve used this yarn quite a bit. I like working with it. It’s somewhat coarse, but it isn’t irritating to the hands, probably because of the leftover lanolin that is in the wool. I’ve made quite a few seaman’s or watch caps out of it for the men in my life and they all love it. Especially my BIL who does lots of winter extreme sports.

So it wouldn’t be good for an afghan?

i can’t give you an opinion on the wool, having never used it, but i would just like to say that is a beautiful boxer in your avatar! i am a boxer person, too.

Thank you, he and the two girls have no idea they are dogs.

You can see the other two here

I think it would be ok for an afghan. It’s more for outdoor wear IMO, but I know a lot of people who use it for other things. You might want to swatch it (12" swatch) and see how you like it as an afghan. Maybe run it through the wash to see how it holds up. I hand wash all my Fisherman’s Wool so can’t say if it would felt or anything.

I haven’t used it but I want to, and an afghan is one of the things I want it for. Seems to be the only wool cheap enough to consider for a large afghan.

Nothing knitncook said makes me think it wouldn’t work for an afghan. Red Heart SS can be quite coarse and I bet it makes the majority of afghans.

I think I’ll get a couple of skeins and see how it feels. I’m trying to avoid driving the 1hr to the LYS and the wait of order another yarn.

Quite a lot of people have used it for afghans; I know of one person who dyed hers different colors and did a Lizard Ridge - http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=188553.0

it is 100% wool so it will felt if not washed properly. It’s a descent wool for the price. I’ve done several projects with it - a sweater, purses, felted purses. I’ve dyed it with kool-aid.

Why don’t you pop over to www.lionbrand.com and look at the various projects they have used it for. I’m pretty sure there is at least one afghan in the list.

I have only used it for an aran sweater for my husband, who loves it. It wears very well as an outer sweater (he wears a t-shirt or something underneath), and doesn’t pill much if at all.

However, it’s 100% wool and will felt in the washing machine. In addition, Fisherman’s Wool still contains lanolin so it will pick up dirt easier than a lanolin free wool. Unless you want to hand wash an afghan (and frequently) for the rest of it’s life, I’d suggest you go with a superwash or acrylic yarn instead.

Lion Brand Wool Ease would be a better choice for an afghan based solely on it’s washability. That and it’s softer overall. :thumbsup:

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!