Opinions on knitpicks yarns

A. Which knitpicks yarns do you love/like?

B. Which knitpicks yarns do you dislike?

I used to love their simply cotton but they discontinued it :frowning: I also love comfy

I dislike billow because of the way it knits up. I made a hat from it in entrelac and it just didn’t come out right because it’s thick and thin. I guess I like my yarn to be consistent.

I like their cotton/acrylic blend and their superwash wool, but since their prices have gone up, I’ve stopped ordering from them and either use what’s in my stash or find another online store with comparable yarn and cheaper prices.

Hmmmm…when did they jack up prices? After the debacle with accounts, they took a hit in orders I’m certain.

Seems like right after (or right around) Christmas, their prices went up. I know everything is going up these days, but that doesn’t mean I just have to live with it. If I buy yarn, I do a lot of searching online before I make a purchase.

I ordered the Cat and Dog Satchel kit that offgridgirl posted an FO photo for. I bought sport and fingering yarns at the same time, it was one of those times when I found enough stuff marked down to justify the free shipping @ $50. I got the yarns @ $2.75/ball. I do like the Felici yarn. I’m using the sport weight in Macaroon to make soft, thick, warm socks for someone with serious health issues, she loved the feel of it. I’m not sure I like it well enough for full price + shipping. My kit is still sitting on the shelf waiting for me to acquire the skill level to even begin to attempt it. Knitting keeps me out of trouble and (I tell myself) this does most of my gift buying for the year - anything to justify a yarn purchase.

Confessions of a yarnaholic who can’t stay on a yarn diet.

‘Yarn Diet’ is an obscenity!!!

I would never ever go on a yarn diet I would never stick to it :teehee:

I sell what I make so I need yarn and I can write it off on my taxes :slight_smile:
I use mostly knit picks yarns by the way.

I have yet to get a yarn from knit picks that I don’t like. I prefer super wash wool and adore Felici sock yarn.

I’m also a fan of CotLin, Dishie, and for felted wool slippers, Wool of the Andes Bulky.

Their Shadow Tonal lace weights are scrumptious, as is the Imagination sock yarn. Brava bulky (the only acrylic of theirs that I tried) knit up nicely.

And what’s a yarn diet, other than a steady accumulation of fiber yumminess?:teehee:
Those who think it means going without yarn, please say it isn’t so…:noway:

I love felici, too.