Opinions on business name

Hi everyone
I am asking for opinions and a vote on possible names for my upcoming home jewelry business (which, btw, is causing my knitting to suffer). I’m not wedded to these choices, but just can’t come up with much.
The “bourgeois” in the names is my last name
My style is fairly eclectic but not way out there. I do traditional pieces as well as some more trendy styles with glass and semi precious stones. I make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings only.
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated - good or bad!

when you decide on a name, pm me and let me know. I’m creating a business directory for those self-employed/small business owners among us. We like to support our own! I’ll need your name, kh id, business name (link to your business site) and type of product/service you sell - and anything else you’d like for us to know!

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Imagine answering the business phone and saying, “Baubles by Bourgeois” over and over. It sounds like a tongue twister. I’d go with Bourgeois Baubles.

I’d just name it Fred :mrgreen:

Fred…why didn’t I think of that?

Don’t know if you have made a decision yet but this came across my feed today… might be helpful? :shrug:


How about just Baubles. Or something shorter like B’s Baubles?

The other 2 are a mouthful and I think you will end up shortening it anyway.


Hi Everyone
I did decide on a name: Jamie Jean Jewelry
A few people were pointing out that people wouldn’t know how to pronounce “Bourgeois”- which is true, given I’ve all heard all sorts of pronunciations of my last name!
I don’t know why I didn’t think of Jamie Jean Jewelry before. I think it flows nicely.
I will be setting up an etsy soon as well as a regular website, so I will post when it is up. I am hoping in the next week or two.

So I finally opened my etsy- the business name is Jamie Jean Jewelry

Jamie Jean Jewelry! I love it. Just think how many times you would have had to spell Bourgo i ? e (I forgot already and I speak some French!) Good luck on your business, I’ll check you out on etsy!