Opinions needed on twin layette

If were knitting a layette for unborn twins and didn’t know the gender, would you make two of everything in the exact same colors, or would you make different colors? I’m a twin, but I have to say, I’m stumped on this one. My sister and I liked dressing alike when we were really little, but then when we got older, we wanted to be different. Do people think it’s cute to see twin babies dressed exactly alike? :shrug:

I’d ask the parents for their opinions about colors, but I want this to be a surprise.

I think twin babies dressed alike are cute. But I think two of the same items in two different colors are really cute too. With my boys I did a lot of that - same outfits, but in different colors. Honestly, I loved getting matching outifts, and I loved getting coordinated outfits. And wow, if someone had given me a whole twin layette - I’d have been thrilled to pieces, no matter the colors.

You’re a good friend for doing it! :thumbsup:

I’m not a twin nor do I have them, but I’d say make the same thing, but in different colors.

I agree with Stacey though that anything would be welcome and loved!

i would say do it either same pattern different colors, or alternating colors, or maybe just completely different. :teehee: as a mom, if i had twins, it would great to have more choices instead of two of the same thing, KWIM? what a great friend you are! :mrgreen:

My friend recently had twins, and she requested white for the hats i made them, but i wanted them to be somewhat different, so i did different patterns.

i would say what everyone else has said, same pattern, different coordinating colors, or different coordinating pattern with diffferent coordinating colors, or a little of both.

i like to see twins dressed the same occasionally, on special occasions, but i think that it is good for them to each have there own stuff too.

just my 2 cents. hope this helps:hug:

I have twin great nephews and the only way we could tell them apart was by the color they wore. One always in blue and one always in green.

I tend to agree with most of the posts already up. What I would probably do would be to offset yarn colours so…if I had a yellow jacket with a white trim, I would make the second jacket white with a yellow trim.

This way there is a ‘relationship’ between the two items but a celebration of individual difference.

I considered doing that and thought it would be a really cute way to tie the two things together. They’d be different, but “related”.

Thanks everybody for your great ideas and your help–this helps a lot! :muah:

I usually dress my twin boys in outfits that are the same style, but different colors. Having 2 of the same color makes it hard for grandparents (and others) to tell them apart! …just ask my mom, who once fed the same baby twice, and then couldn’t figure out why the other baby wouldn’t stop crying! :doh:

Aww, poor hungry baby…:hug:
I’ve got twin nephews. My sister does the same as most everyone has mentioned here (similar style, different colors).

I AM A TWIN AND I HATED DRESSING ALIKE!!! At 52 I still remember how much I disliked it!!!

I vote for the same pattern in different colors OR use two colors ie green and yellow but changei it around. For example make one green with yellow trim and the other yellow with green trim. That way they are “the same” but “different”

I also agree with everyone else… DoNT make them identical …noone will be able to tell them apart :ick::ick::ick:(except their mama):aww:. Plus if you alternate the pattern white/ yellow for one baby… yellow/ white for another. incase one baby soils the outfit mom can still mix and match the clothes… to get a little more wear out of them. Plus like Ginny G said… some kids may HATE being dressed alike(although as a baby this is doubtful) but IMHO… make them similar but not identical… mom may get SICK of looking at the same color/pattern everyday… and dad too~!:aww:

I think people are forgetting that babies won’t care in the least if they are dressed alike so this is for the parents. I can’t wait to see your FOs!

:teehee: Poor little thing! I think that happened more than once with my sister and me, too. About telling twins apart…sometimes, people will never be able to, even when they reach adulthood. My paternal grandmother never did learn to tell us apart, even though I favored her in appearance, and my sister favors our maternal grandmother in her appearance. We were identical twins when we were little, but once we got older, we really don’t look identical. We look like sisters I think, but not twins. And we do really have very different personalities I think, too, which I would think would help people to tell us apart, but some people still can’t.:shrug: (But it made for a fun date one time when my sister and I switched clothes on my boyfriend and he thought that she was me, and put his arm around her!:twisted: :teehee:)

NOW WE KNOW WHY YOU ARE THE MEAN TWIN~~!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofling::clink:

i voted all items same color. that way the pieces and parts are interchangeable depending on who spit up on which piece. :wink:

I was probably the baby to get fed twice while my sister was the poor, starving twin! :rofl:

This is mostly a necessity at birth to tell them apart!

so …Cookworm have you decided what colors you want to make the twins’ layette~!:think:

I’m not exactly sure. I don’t have a LYS nearby, so I had to go to one of the chain stores (Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby) for yarn, and there was a limited selection–only HL had the DK yarn that I wanted, and the selection of colors they had were very limited. So what I think I will do is to make the sweaters in the same color (off white), and I’ll either put different buttons on them, and/or edge them out in a different color. Then I’ll make hats and booties in the color that I used for contrast, but I don’t know what I’ll do for the blankets yet. I really hate being limited on my ideas by selection, but I have to get moving on this, so I had to grab what I could today and not wait for an order to be shipped. Hopefully I can start on one of the sweaters tonight–those will take the longest out of the garment stuff (the hat and booties will fly by). I saw something in Patternworks catalog for a “car seat blanket” which is a smaller size blanket that I think I might make instead of a full-blown size baby blanket (because somebody else the parents know always crochets baby blankets and I don’t want to step on her toes) which will also be easier for me because it’ll be quicker. I’m excited about doing this–I just made my first baby sweater for a good friend of mine, and I’ll be using that same pattern because I’m familiar with it now, and I am hoping they’ll turn out pretty cute.