Openwork Rib Socks

I made these for my daughter for her birthday on the 16th of Nov. This is a Lorna’s Laces yarn and the color is Tomfoolery. This was a really fun, easy and quick pattern that looks a lot harder than it was. I always you patterns from my [U]Sensational Knitted Socks[/U] book.

Those turned out gorgeous! You always pick such wonderful colors for socks–and then you make those colors proud by knitting them up so well!

Aww, shucks you’re making me blush! :aww: You know it was just a couple years ago I was scared stiff to try and knit a pair of socks and I had a friend that told me if I ever learned I would get addicted and addicted I am I guess. It is just one of those things that everyone seems to love to get as a gift.

Electric! Those are really pretty! What size needles do you use for your socks?

Those were size 1’s 2.75 mm, but I do a lot on the 1’s 2.5 mm. I have knitpicks who set so I can go up to 3’s with what I have, but I like the smaller needles. They make a tighter knit sock I think. Thanks for your comments!

I was just curious about needle size. Am in a sock class and we are making 3 pair of socks for “Socktober” although our class goes 1 week into November. I’m using 3 diff needle brands (KP, Hiya Hiya, Addi) because that’s what I had…or bought. They are all 32" cable zeros, but the class teacher says I could have gone down to a 00. :zombie: I’m happy with them though.

In case you’re wondering…I have 2 socks with the gusset done and ready for heel class tonight. Also have 3 more toes cast on and one of them has about to 4" of foot.

Those are gorgeous.

Socks make me nervous, but I think that’ll be my next project.

Those socks really pop! i love the color and pattern which work well together. Another successful pair. Your daughter will be thrilled.

They terrified me, but if you go to and go to the pattern directory and into the socks. Scroll down and find easy worsted weight socks down on the left side. Her pattern is how I learned to make socks. I would also suggest investing in the sock book I mentioned if you find you like making them and would want to make multiple pairs. I use it exclusively to make socks as it has tons of charts for making women’s men’s and kids socks by shoe size and I have yet to have them not fit perfectly.

Are you doing two at a time with magic loop?? I just never got the hang of two at a time and didn’t like magic loop as well though I know people swear by it. I just use my good ole dpn’s. One thing I found was if you are making socks like I did for my son, really big and long, use bigger needles, it goes faster. I had 96 st on my needles for his socks and they took me forever.

Great socks,:thumbsup: but your DD won’t like them so send them to me! Just kidding. I’m sure she will be thrilled. The colors and pattern were made for each other. You have a great eye for pattern and color.