Open Slit in Scarf

I am a new knitter-I’m left handed but I think I knit like a “right” person! :smiley: I’m making this for my granddaughter-bought a book on knitting but it does not show how to make a “slit” say mid-way down the scarf so that she can wrap this around & it won’t fall off!! Please assist
in any way possible. Guess I should have waited till after the holidaze to start this project. Thanks in advance. Elaine in a cold CO

I’d say steek it, but most new knitters have a heart attack at the very idea.

Here is a pattern which suggests working the two sides of the slit from two balls of yarn and then working across again with one ball. If you were just using one ball of yarn, just use both ends of the ball (the center one and the outside one) for working the slit.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

sheeeesh Aiden…steeking?! Just crazy talk i tell ya! :wink:

here is a link to an episode of Knitty Gritty that shows how to do it…with video even! :thumbsup:

It would be a lot easier to use the two ball method. What you’re looking for is called a keyhole scarf. probably has patterns in the scarf section.

It has three. The one I found was the one I thought would be easiest.

I don’t know any of this “fancy talk”, but when I designed a scarf that fastened together with a big button, I just used the vertical button hole. I would imagine that would work, no?

Basically the slit in a keyhole scarf is a big buttonhole, come to think of it.

:lol: Thanks Brenda…think your info did the trick or well at least by the video demo looks “easy” so after we get back from our family gathering I shall give it a try. Guess granddaughter will have to wait for her surprise. I appreciate all of you who responded…keep toes crossed that it works or I’ll be back for some more assistance. Happy holidaze all. Elaine