Open end double knitting bind off

Ok so I’m double knitting where it makes a double fabric and looks the same on both sides. One way to bind off is the usual kind, with a closed end. But I want an open end to make a tube like a bag. On the instructions, it reads “if you want to make a tube: either slip the front sts to one double pointed needle and the back sets to a second…using a third needle, bind off the sts on the front needle, turn. Bind off the sts on the back needle.” I tried and tried and I don’t get it. Can someone please explain this in easier details? I would do appreciate it! Thanks so much.

This is a video for a closed end but the beginning is like the bind off you want to do. Separate the knits and purls on two needles.

Then, you can work with first the front needle and do a conventional bind off (knit two and then one stitch lifted over the other and off the needle).

Thank you! Watching that video helps, since they show you how divide the knits and pulls. I just need to practice. Thanks a lot :happydance:

I have knitted a lot of phone covers in double-knitting style. For the open bind-off this is what I do. Work the first stitch, slip the next stitch on to a stitch holder, knit the 3rd stitch, pass the first stitch over the 3rd stitch, slip the next stitch on to the stitch holder, etc. until you are left with just the stitches on the stitch holder, then just cast those off in the normal way.