Opal Sock Yarn

Does anyone know what weight (finger or dk?) Opal Sock yarn is? :thinking:


The store at this site specializes in Opal yarn. I’m sure she could help. I think different varieties of opal come in different weights. The skeins I have all seem to be fingering (sock) weight.

BTW don’t hang around her site very long, it could be lethal to your credit card.

Gladys in Michigan on a day when I understand why we live up here in the north. Bee-yoo-tiful.

I believe it’s fingering weight… 7 stitches per inch on U.S. size 1 or 2 needles.

Thank you so much… You answered my question.

Most of Opal is fingering weight, but they do have 6 ply that is same fiber content but gauged for 3-5 size needles.

:smiley: I’ve not used the sport wt., I love the fingering wt Opal yarn, as a matter of fact I will be getting some GORGEOUS solid pink Opal yarn from DIVA KNITTING soon :smiley: