Ooops! What was I thinking?

For some reason I just decided to look at the knitting and purling videos just now and I was looking at Amy doing the purling and thinking to myself, :thinking: Hmmm, that’s not how I do it?? What am I doing wrong?

But then I looked at my project and its turning out fine. Well, come to find out I’m doing the Combined Purling. Who’d of thunk??

And then I kept reading and she’s right, when I got to the next row and had to knit, the stitches were angled to the left instead of the right. Once I get to the row I need to knit, I’ll take a picture.

Just thought I’d share and see if I’m the only one on this planet who knits this way. (Besides those with poor vision, of course :oops: )

Now I’m going to have to go look and see what Combined Purling is. I haven’t heard of it yet.


I did the SAME THING! And found about it the same way!

Don’t feel bad!

:wink: I actually intentionally taught myself to purl this way recently. I find that using regular knitting with combined purling makes my ribbing a whole lot neater!

I tried doing it the ‘original’ way and it seems so much more clunky to me now?? I guess as long as it turns out the same I’ll keep on doing it this way! :smiley:

It’s combination/Eastern European knitting - just knit the next row through the back instead of the front, and it will look “normal,” i.e. untwisted. This is the way I learned to knit, and I really like it - it’s really efficient and quick. However, you will need to adapt patterns because the increases and decreases work differently. I am just figuring this part of it out.

Maybe these Web sites will help you:

I’ve only used it on ribbing so far - mostly in the round (the inch or so done flat was interesting, to say the least). I find that regular “western/English” style purling is easier to get in the rhythm of for most applications. But I have never liked how my ribbing turned out, and the combined method appears to have solved that. Now that I am doing it more frequently my hands are adjusting - but the first few rows still require a bit of thought!