Ooohhhh, the hankies

I just got some silk hankies in the mail today and o m g :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: they are so wonderful to spin!! From the get go, I didn’t have to park and draft any more…the spindle just kept spinning like it’s supposed to! :smiley:

So I’m thinking that maybe this spindle, even though it came in a kit with wool, is not the best spindle for said wool. It never spun like that when I was using wool. :??

But ahhhhhh, the hankies… :heart:

I think the kit spindles are pretty cheap. That is what I have and I can’t spin on it for anything. I am trying to decide on a spindle to give it another go.

I just started spinning a Lincoln/Silk blend and I have to agree it is the greatest to spin! I was afraid of trying it because I heard slick fibers can be tricky but this is spinning up like a dream! I have a ton of it too. The lady that sold me my wheel have me a huge bag full of it! It just about drafts itself! Maybe I will try it on my current spindle and see if I have some more luck.

Where are the pictures? I’d love to see some spun hankies! :slight_smile:

Me too Me too! :cheering:

The first two hankies I spun were white. I decided I’d dye the other two then ply the white & colored together. And can I just say, plying is soooo much more fun than spinning! :wink:

Still very wonky, thick-and-thin, slubby and very obviously a first time effort. But it’s balanced!! (pic before washing to set the spin) :happydance:


Love the yarn :thumbsup: