OOHS! Wrong Pics for the Spiral Scarf

Should be this one:-

I must be too excited :roflhard:

OMG That is super neat.


Love, love :cheering:

That’s very cool! I love the colour you used!

I hop my pal sister like it!!!

Thanks All, is always motivating to read this forum… :heart: :heart:

Wow! What pattern did you use for that one? That’s very pretty. Reminds me of pirates :eyebrow:

it’s rather easy:

Cast 90
knit all **
k1, yo, k1 to end (180sts)**
knit all row
k1, yo, k1 to end (270sts)
** Repeat
** Repeat (360sts)

See Ya

It is a beautiful scarf and I love the colour!! You are so clever :notworthy:

Is YO the same as increasing by knitting into front and back of the same stitch?

The one I am half way through is cast on 150 st knit one row knit into front and back of each stitch then another row of knit etc.

So basically is mine going to be the same as yours or not :??

Thanks sorry I am a little dumb today its the medication :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

Very cool! :cheering: