Only 29 More Inches To Go

My knitting is sooo slow. I know with experience it will get faster, but right now it’s going at a snail’s pace. I’m more concerned with improving the technique than the speed at this point anyway.

My scarf is coming along though. It’s 8" wide and as of now it’s 11" long. Lots of flaws and uneven stitches, but that’s to be expected.

Only 29 more inches to go LOL

I would have to say that if you really are a trucker guy knitting and you “only” have 29 inches to go, GOOD JOB! :cheering: please post a pic of the fo if you can!

so its gonna b 40"? is it for urself? in my opinion 40" is pretty short, especially for a guy. i usually like mine to b 60" or longer, then again i like my scarves to b pretty long

mine are usually around 8 foot - not sure what that is in inches… we don’t use them :teehee:

makes making a scarf vvvveeerrrryyyy bbbboooorrrriiiinnnngg tho!

Whataya mean if I’m really a trucker guy knitting? You have doubts? :pout:

The scarf is for my mother, who is pretty short, so I think 40" will probably be about right. I’ll be able to tell for sure once it reaches that length. If it seems too short I’ll just keep knitting LOL

But I don’t think that I will give her this one as it’s not very good work. Perhaps the next one will turn out better.

I’d really hate to post a picture of the work in progress (what does “fo” stand for anyway?), as it really is a pretty terrible example of knitting.

finished object. :slight_smile:

40" does seem very short for a woman’s scarf. I’d think 4 feet would be the minimum, depending on how she wears it.

Ahhhh, ok. Thanks for defining the shorthand LOL

I can always make it longer no problem. The pattern I started from said 40" so that’s what I was going by. Longer would probably be better though.

ha ha, longer, always better. I made my mom a scarf this year for xmas and I thought it was super wide and long… she calls to thank me and says… " I loved the scarf but for my birthday can you do the exact same thing only double wide and twice as long??" jeez, how many times do you people want to wrap THE DARN THING around your neck??? :heart: Only proves that they love what you made and want more… right? :hug:

The more times the better. I like it when my coat barely fits over the scarf. :teehee:

Never understood the people who loop the scarf and pulled the ends through. I’ve done it on occasion, when my scarf was hanging straight and annoying me. But I don’t like it as much.

that’s exactly how i wear mine…looped and ends pulled through. most of the time anyway.

i have heard that scarves and shawls and such should be as long as your arms from end to end… i have never been able to knit for that long but my intentions are always good :teehee:

A length from wrist to wrist works well for me. Or at least with both ends at my waist when it’s hanging straight down and not wrapped around my neck.


I made my boss a scarf for Christmas. My brother thought it was very short but my boss loved it, it went round his neck, crossed over like a cravat and still had dangly bits to spare!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: keep going Mason =D not far to go :hug:

Longer is always better
I amde a family scarf for a friend of mine
its long enough for him to loop it around each of his 3 kids and himself

it is 15’ long
and looks GREAT


Thanks. I got several inches done before turning in last night and my work was looking much more even than it had previously so I guess I’m improving bit by bit. And I only had to tink a couple of stitches as I went.

I actually like a shorter scarf. Preferably with a keyhole to pull one end through. I hate extra bulk while I am driving and seriously hate extra “stuff” while I am shopping. Every store and mall should have a coat check.


Just what is wrong with looping it and pulling the ends through? Very European, I think. (Allright, so it’s my personal preference as well…)

Actually, I don’t like to tuck it into my coat, so it’s a great way to keep your scarf on your neck on very windy days (I live in Michigan, so we have many…).

I like my scarves to be about 60" long. The nice thing about scarves is, when it looks done, it usually is. I have a very “Star Wars” approach to knitting. Just feel the force. The scarf will tell you when it’s done.

Jeepers…I am a huge dork, eh?

Nothing’s wrong with it, I just don’t like it. It doesn’t feel as warm to me. :shrug:

I went to school in Boston. Verrrray windy. I experimented, and decided wrapping it around my neck/chin as many times as possible was the way for me. :slight_smile:

I made a scarf once (hand sewn, not knitted, this was a pre-knitting scarf) and it’s about 72" long, and 24" wide. That way, I can wear it as a scarf, wrapping it once around my neck, or wear it as a shawl for when it’s chilly but not cold enough for a coat, or wear it over my head to keep my ears warm when it’s windy.

It’s also bright red, and since I almost always wear black, it makes a striking statement. I almost always get comments on it. I bought two yards of fabric and hand-sewed the edges together during a lecture class.

I’m a new knitter, too. Don’t get too anxious to finish your scarf and make it too short like I did.
I think the climate should dictate the length, as several have indicated. If it’s a warmer climate (like Texas) - she won’t want to wrap it around her neck. If it’s someplace cold she might want to wrap it twice. :x:

She lives in Florida LOL

She’s cold natured and even in Florida she gets cold in the Winter.