Online vendor with free shipping

Looking for an old post (I think it was here) that mentioned an online vendor that has free shipping on all orders (no minimum). I seem to have deleted my bookmark… can anyone help.


I found it! in case anyone else needs the info.

Your link doesn’t work. Should it have been

Not a huge selection, but it’s free.

Yes thanks for catching my typo!

I ordered some Rowan Tapestry from It was a tad less at other sites, but their shipping was $4 or more. For only 2 skeins, I didn’t want to pay for another half a one in shipping fees…

I have never been charged shipping at , but I think that is because I always order LOTS of yarn. :mrgreen:

I think that orders over $40 are free shipping- which can end up being quite a bit of yarn when you are doing $3 per skein. :knitting:

I’ve never paid shipping at knitpicks, either. I am addicted to their Wool Of The Andes. It’s $1.99. I can get a ton of it for $40 and I feel justified by the free shipping!

I order from Knit Picks too. Love their yarns. But free shipping is on orders of $50.00 or more since the beginning of the year. Still a deal!!:knitting:

Thanks for all the replies. It was Yarn and Fiber. I ordered two skeins and shipping was free. I needed specific yarns and KP only carries their own line so that was out. Luckily Y&F carried both of the yarns that I needed.

I also did not want to buy at least half the cost of yarn in shipping!