Online sellers that will wind hanks? >>>

I don’t trust myself to wind, I’ve messed up too many times. I don’t want to bring yarn I bought online to my LYS, at least not much.

Not really looking to buy on ebay, prefer a place like or similar.


I know I’ve seen sites that will wind your yarn, usually for $1 but I can’t seem to find which ones. I’ve looked at my most frequently used sites and couldn’t find that option.

My advice is to find a Joanns 50% off coupon and just order a Royal winder - it is well worth the investment in time and aggravation saved. Sometimes you can even get free shipping at the same time.

Of course then you’ll want a swift (nice but not strictly necessary). If you don’t want to buy one, there have been several threads with links to how to make your own (I think my favorite is the tinker toy model but I’ve seen some made with expandable coat racks and cd cases. If you or someone you know does woodworking, that’s a nicer option.