Online knitting journal

Hello everyone. I’m new here, and new to knitting in general, but thanks to Amy’s videos I’m getting there a lot faster than I thought possible :slight_smile:

Basically I was just wondering whether or not anybody would find an online knitting journal useful. I’m a web developer, and I like knitting, so I thought it might be a good idea to combine the two. I was thinking of creating a Facebook-style social knitting network (please excuse the buzzwords) - a place for people to post pictures and updates on their projects, patterns, tutorials, etc, and share them all with friends. It would also include specific knitting journal features, although I haven’t decided exactly what these would be just yet. So my questions are as follows:

  1. Would anybody use a site like this?
  2. If so, what would you like to see on it?

Please be honest - if you think that nobody would actually use a site such as this then please tell me so I don’t waste my time actually making it. But if you think that it might be useful, then great!

I’m a Facebook/MySpace/livejournal ho.

But then I think, can’t you just use all their technology and do the social networking on already existing networks? (Saving you the work. Unless you want to do it, of course.) Except, I think I might be hidden on Facebook, I can’t remember.

Thanks for the feedback cawthraven! You make a good point - you could quite easily post pictures of knitting projects into seperate galleries on Facebook, and share them with your friends. And there’s also the fact that there are a LOT of social network sites, so do we really need another one?

But on the other hand, if a social network site was built around knitting as it’s main focus, it could incorporate a lot of unique features that knitters might find useful, and that can’t be found on sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

If you would allow me to geek out for a second… :slight_smile:

[li]It would be a complete online knitting journal - a catalogue of all your knitting projects to date, much like a traditional pen-and-paper journal, but online and fully searchable.
[/li][li]You could enter meta-information on all of your projects - type of project, type/amount of yarn used, needle size, etc. These are only basic examples - I would have to consult experienced knitters for better categories :slight_smile: This would make projects easily searchable. For example, if you had X amount of a certain type of yarn left over, you could do a search and see what projects people have completed.
[/li][li]You could subscribe to your friend’s RSS feeds to keep updated on what they’re knitting.

Again, I haven’t thought in-depth about these features, these are just off the top of my head. I think that it could be pretty cool and genuinely useful, though. What do you think?

It does have lots of potential. :thinking:

Instead of “Favorite Music” you could have categories like “Favorite Needles” and “Favorite Yarns.”

Categories for the projects pages should have spaces for needle type and size, yarn used (weight, color, brand, yardage/oz), pattern used (with links to the book/pattern page), modifications and notes. And pictures.

From one geek to another, I’d say your idea has more than just potential… I think if well-thought out it’s a winner! :slight_smile:

Well… when I first saw the quesiton I answered MAYBE~ but now after reading your post~

I THINK IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA~ although is it going to be a daily journal… b/c I will be honest I don’t really care to much for blogs…IMHO they just seem like I am reading someones diary ~! :pout:

i didn’t vote at first, but after seeing the conversation between you and cawthraven, i decided this is something i would like to have. especially if you have all the features you spoke about. i never use my pen and paper knitter’s journal, but i am on the computer so much (hello my name is Melissa and i am a kh addict) that i know i would use one online. i also use a digital camers,a dn rarely if ever print out my pictures, so that is another pluss for me.

just my 2 cents

How is this different than a blog that many of us have now?

This would be a bit more facebook-ish/myspace-ish, if we’re thinking of the same thing. Social networking AND knit-blogging.

Social knit-working!!! :roflhard:

This would be a bit more facebook-ish/myspace-ish, if we’re thinking of the same thing. Social networking AND knit-blogging.

Social knit-working!!! :roflhard:[/quote]

:teehee: I see. In that case I think I’ll stick to KH for my social knitworking. :wink:

I think if some of those features could be incorporated into this website that would be great. I know that this is the site I come to all of the time. To have to go to another site…

You do have some good ideas, though!

If I didn’t already have a blog, I’d be totally for it. I would love to see more blog templates created for knitters though, and I think something like this would definitely work in that arena too.

Heh, I’m also quite addicted to facebook/livejournal. I think it would be a really good idea. A problem you might have, though, would be getting people to switch over. Most already have some kind of blog or journal on another site, and may not want to create a new one.

This is a really neat idea, but I agree with what a few have said. If I didn’t already have a blog I would really be into this. :doh:

I don’t really like MySpace/ Facebook, etc. That kind of stuff has just never appealed to me. If I find out I want a blog, it’ll be here!

I would have to agree with Jan. Every thing I have every wanting I been finding here. Maybe I am just to old (41) for all this face book stuff. I barely have time for this web site, that I don 't go to any other places. :x: :thud:

But it does sound like you have put some thougt into. I can see how it would work but I don’t think I would use it.

I agree!

Sign me up! :wink:

Thanks for all the replies, they’ve been really helpful. I get the impression that something like this could be useful - even it doesn’t take off it should be a lot of fun to make, so I’m going to have a crack at it. It will probably take a few months, so don’t get too excited just yet - I’ll post when I’ve got something up.

Thanks again!