One Yarn, One Bag, One Tea Cosy

I think the title pretty much says it all, the bag was done on size 6mm needles, and the tea cosy on 3.5mm, :thumbsup:

Wonderful job - those colors are amazing!

love it :heart:


Love the yarn! Your teapot looks so comfy! :wink:

OMIGODESS that is the cutest thing ever!!! Did you just make that up (the tea pot cozy) or did you have a pattern? Nice job :thumbsup:

I love that tea cozy! I also would like to know if you have a pattern for it!
Great yarn and bag too! tfs :heart:

no patter I just made it up, for the bottom I knit a long skinny piece that I made get smaller and smaller and turned into a spiral, for the sides it is just a whole lot of stockinette stitch, which I increased every so often and then towards the middle I turned to ribbing, and then started decreasing. I didn’t have a pattern for the bag either, or the afghan I made before, hmm… maybe I really ought to start reading patterns… Since I don’t know how to knit in a round yet, and people in Argentina (well in the north where I am) don’t do that, (which makes it hard to find needles…) I just knit the sides as 2 seperate pieces and then edge-to-edged them together on the side that has the spout and the side that has the handle has my little makeshift buttons.

Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous!!


What pattern did you use for the tea cozy?

Love the yarn too!

The yarn is so pretty!!! I love the cozy!

I love it!

I LOVE the tea cozy! Nice job on the bag.


Beautiful yarn!! Love your tea cozy!!

Look at your teapot, all dressed up for the party!

Way too cool!