One sock on two circular needles help!

I am using the book socks soar on two ciruclar needles. I am using the first pattern and I’m having a hard time understanding what i’m supposed to do when picking up heel stiches and then do I knit half the instep and then use the other needle. I wish I had that pattern book here with me then I would type out the pattern. Any help would be great!!

When I’m doing that part, I’ll pick up the first set of stitches on one side, then knit ALL of the instep stitches, then pick stitches for the other side.

I purchased that book about a month ago, and I didn’t like it as much as Sensational Knitted Socks. If you can find that book somewhere, I highly recommend it–the directions are very clear.

I agree 100%. Usually what I do after the stitches have been picked up for the other side is then knit half of the stitches that were left from the heel turn and then that is the new beginning of round. Then I rearrange the stitches so that the round starts there and then the first set of picked up stitches and half of the instep stitches are on the first needle, then the second half of instep stitches and the other set of picked up stitches are on the second needle. That may be why the book asks you to knit only half of the instep stitches because that’s where you will end up eventually anyways.

I guess I should add, that after all stitches are picked up, I leave all my instep sts on the same needle, and then all my heel sts on the other, I don’t move anything around. It’s awkward trying to knit with that many sts on one needle at first, but eventually you get back down to the same # that you started with anyways after the decreases, so it’s no big deal really.

Thank you guys!! I do have Sensational Knitted Socks I guess I should look at it!! I was wondering if I could just pick up the side stiches and then knit what would be the instep I guess, then just pick up the other side and then just fallow (sp?) the pattern. It looks like I can. But anyway thank you!! :slight_smile: :hug:

That is exactly what you do! Pick up stitches on one side, knit the instep, pick up the other side! :cheering:

I wanted to thank all of you guys!! :heart: :muah: I figured it out and i’m on my way to finishing my first sock!!