One Skein - Secret Pal - Have You Been Notified?


I am curious if anyone here signed up for the One Skein secret pal exchange. If so, have you rec’d the information about who your Secret Pal is? I think they are supposed to provide the information by May 10. I signed up, but haven’t heard anything as of yet.


you don’t know who you are supposed to send to?!

:thinking: I will talk to bren and see if she knows whats up.

are you talking about the one on Interweave or the one on here?

I am talking about the exchange based on the new book titled “One Skein” that was recently published by Interweave. There is a link to information about the secret pal exchange at the One Skein site: (the deadline to sign up was May 1).


okay whew…cuz i didn’t remember seeing your name on the list of swappers! Sorry don’t know nuthin’ about the other swap. :crying:

Whew I was all worried that we forgot someone. :roflhard:
I would ask the mods at interweave :thumbsup:

I haven’t heard anything from Interweave yet either, but I thought they weren’t going to give out names until the 10th, so we still have a day.

Okay, it is the 10th, I am a little worried now. I’ve sent off an email to see what is going on. Hopefully they will answer soon.

lol you still have 12+ hours until it is no longer the 10th…the lack of patience in this group amuses the heck outta me! :rofling:


I’ve never been known for patience. The mod controlling everything went into premature labor two weeks ago and has not been able to get the names out. She says that she will be getting it done today. The poor thing. What a time to organize an exchange. :lol:

Anyway, for those of us doing the interweave exchange, we now have our answers. :thumbsup:

Thank you so much for the update! I hope all is okay with the moderator and her baby - I’m sure that she is feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Christianne :XX:

I got my person!!! Yay!!! What’s really funny is her name is really familier, but she’s in the wrong age group.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: