"One Singular Sensation" cardi

Ok, I must have been crazy to attempt this as my 3rd sweater ever! Do not try this if you do not like weaving in ends. Although you carry the colors up the sides, you still have a lot of ends due to neck and arm shaping. This inexpensive sweater was made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Pines print, cranberry, mushroom, denim, and fisherman. The pattern is from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Beyond the Basics.


that is really pretty!!

WOW! PITA fer sure but look how beautiful it turned out :heart: yeah you :cheering:

That is really pretty. I’m impressed that it’s only your third sweater!

So great. I love the stripes!

Beautiful job - I love the stripes!

Wowee–your third sweater?! It’s fantastic!

The sweater is beautiful! I am impressed with the stripes, and also with the perfect edging.

Holy cow - that would be my seaming nightmare! Good for you for having patience enough! Its BEAUTIFUL! :cheering:

:thud: You are good! Love it!

Thanks, everyone for your kind words! :muah:

your sweater is beautiful! Great Job!