One side of blanket is longer than the beginning


I’m new to this site but not to knitting. My mom taught me to knit when I was a child, but I’ve never really progressed past the basics. Some simple patterns, baby jackets, etc.

My current problem is this: I just finished a blanket and the end is longer than the beginning. Is there an easy way to make them the same size without pulling half the stiches? I was actually thinking of pulling yarn through the end with a large needle and “purse-stringing” until they match.

Any other suggestions would be welcome!


I’m not sure what your problem is. You said “the end is longer than the beginning”. Does that mean that you had more stitches at the end than what you started with??


Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the response. I’m not sure if there are more stiches or if I just knitted it looser. Either way, I need to make them the same without pulling rows out. I didn’t realize until I had bound off that it was uneven.

Hi Peacockmoon,
I suspect that you mean that the bound off end is wider than the beginning. If I am correct then it’s most likely that your tension loosened up a bit. That can happen when knitting large or long items. If that is the case I don’t know of a quick fix. Next time periodically measure the width as you’re knitting. If it’s getting even slightly wider try to maintain your tension more closely.
I have found in my own knitting experience that often I’m a bit tense when starting a new project, hence I knit more tightly as I relax so does my tension.
Another possibility is that your cast on is either too tight or stitches are too closely spaced. Try casting on with a bit more space between stitches or a bit more loosely. It does take some conscious effort but the end result is well worth it.


Thanks Claudia. Great advice that I will make sure to follow for my next project.

Hi Peacockmoon,
I have knitted a lot of blankets and when first learning to knit had the same problem. Like Claudia said your tension needs to be the same throughout the work but I also have found that the type of cast on needs to match the type of bind off. The c/o & b/o for blankets that work the best for me is the long tail cast on and the knitted bind off both done loosely. Amy has some great info on b/o & c/o under the free videos tab.
Happy knitting!