One quick question

just have one quick knitting question…
im going (for the 1st time) to try and knit wit circular needles. i seem to understand how to knit wit em
i want a 24" circumstance wit 6.5 size needles on the end. the yarn i want to use, uses a 6.5 size (accor. to the wrapper). i cant find 6.5 needles! i found a 24" circumstance, but not 6.5 needles! so this is my question:

is it better to use size 6 needle, or a 7 size? recall the yarn need 6.5 so…

craft store around where i live seem to have those sizes so i was wondering whick one is best to use best


Does it call for #6.5 needles, or 6.5 millimeter needles? I’ve never come across size 6.5, but 6.5 mm is a #10.5 size, which is more common.

If it’s actually calling for #6.5, then I guess it depends on how tightly you knit. If you’re a loose knitter, go #6. If you knit tightly, get #7s.

get a size 10.5 that is 24"
you will do fine

IMHO its better to use a slightly larger needle than a smaller one