One of my LYS is CLOSING

I was just at one of my LYS two days ago where I bought some beautiful “Mmmmm” yarn I took my visiting SIL from So. Carolina with me. Well today I got an email saying the shop will be closing. I’m so disappointed!! :crying: I know she has to do what’s best for her but her shop was so nice. She has yarns that no one else here has.

She is having a sale starting in the middle of August and I hope to go stock up on some of my favorite yarn brands. But its sad. :crying:

Maybe your visit had something to do with it? :wink:

Just kidding. Sorry to hear.

That stinks…I’m sorry :frowning:
At least you know about the sale and hopefully you can gets lots of good stuff :smiley:


My condolences… :crying:

That is too bad! At least you’ll be able to stock up at the big sale.