One more try: New Zealand?

Hi folks,

I know this is rather fruitless, but I figure I would try every 6 months or so to see if any Kiwis have stumbled their way onto KnittingHelp!

So, Kiwis? Show of hands please! Dont leave me hanging :roflhard:


If you can wait about 5 years, I’ll be there! My husband is a Kiwi and we are planning to move from London to Dunedin or Christchurch in the next 5 years or so. Me? I’m an American who goes where the wind blows me and it looks as though we’ll be going back to my DH’s home at some point soon. In the interim, you might try to get in touch with Mel Clarke who wrote the book “Knit 2 Together” with Tracey Ullman. She recently moved back to Auckland and will be launching an internet biz; at this stage, the website is a work in progress but from what she tells me, she’s planning on doing a lot more than just selling wool online.

So where are you in the South?

Hi there

I’ve just joined and I’m from NZ - Christchurch:cool:

And I am here too!! Kaitaia, Far North.

Lulubell, is that wool shop in Kaitaia still open? When we were in New Zealand a few years ago, our host took me there so I could get some of the lovely wool there. They dyed it themselves.

Would that be Akatere Woolcraft at Taupo Bay on the East Coast? They used to custom card and dye fleeces and also had already spun wool for sale. Ralph and Marion Logie owned it, and Ralph was the most amazing dyer ever. The only other wool shop we had was in town and was just your ordinary old wool shop. Now there is some cheap acrylic at the Warehouse and a very limited selection of baby wool and a little double knitting at the remains of the material shop.
I say remains because there is very little of anything in it.

mmm…I think I remember a shop in the Plaza in town that sold some of Ralphs wool, may be that is where you went, but gosh, that would beat least 10 years ago!

I’m here - just joined, live in Titahi Bay in Porirua. Just started knitting again after quite a few years off.

Where are all the wool shops these days?


For a country with so many sheep we have an amazing lack of stuff to knit with don’t we! Online Vintage Purls is great for sock and laceweight if you are really quick on a Monday afternoon. James at JoyofYarn has lots of different sock yarn, The YarnQueen has quite a variety and Southseas yarn has some lovely stuff too.

Hi Everyone
I am Sandy from Hamilton. Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

Just popping in to say hi.

Hi everyone

I’m a southlander too.:happydance:


Hi, knittingbear. You will find so many helpful friendly people on this knitting site. Any problems, questions etc are answered almost immediately. Check out Artlady! She is the most amazing knitter and so ready to share her knowledge. I have learnt so many new techniques from the members here.

yes Chch NZ here

I didn’t think I would find this conversation. Carterton, Wairarapa New Zealand here! :wink:

Are any of you still active members here?