One more short row question

I finally found a simple pattern that I like well enough that has short rows in it. I am wanting to teach myself short rows before I attempt them on a sweater. The pattern is Ruffled. I watched the video on Short Rows here on knittinghelp and it is the best one I have seen. However, in her video, after she knits and does the w+t, she purls. Then after w+t, she knits again. However on this Ruffled pattern, you knit after every turn. I am not sure how to modify what the lady is doing on the video for this pattern. Here are the entire directions:

CO 20 sts. Knit one row.
Knit 4, turn, K4. K6, turn, K6. K8, turn, K8. Knit across all 20

Repeat from * to * until you have 3 yards of yarn left. Bind off.
If desired, wrapping the last stitch before each turn will eliminate a whole from
If you want the scarf to fit snuggle around your neck, I suggest adding a button or two
to the scarf. No need to add a buttonhole, since the knit is loose enough to fit most any

It doesn’t matter if you knit, turn, purl…or knit, turn, knit…as long as you ‘wrap’ when you turn and start back. It prevents a hole. And eventually there will come a row in which you ‘pick up’ the ‘wraps’ that look weird if you don’t ‘pick them up’.

Thanks. Just to be sure I understand, when I knit and then turn, my thread is going to be on the front. Will I slip my stitch to my right needle, bring the thread to the back, and then slip the stitch back to the left needle? However, at that point she brings the thread back to the front. Is that because she is about to purl? If she left it to the back would it still be a wrap? I guess I am just not really understanding what the “wrap” actually is. :gah:

You can ‘wrap’ any way you want to, however, it’s handy when your ‘working yarn’ is ready to execute the next stitch in its proper place. EG: if the next stitch is supposed to be[I] [COLOR=Blue]a[/COLOR][/I][COLOR=Blue][I] knit[/I],[/COLOR] the yarn should be in the [COLOR=Blue]back of the work[/COLOR]. If the next stitch is supposed to [COLOR=Red][I]a purl,[/I][/COLOR] the yarn should be[COLOR=Red] in front of the work. [/COLOR]

Hope this helps! And you are to be commended for being conscientious about your techniques! You are on your way!

CO 20 sts. Knit one row.
Knit 4, turn, K4. K6, turn, K6. K8, turn, K8. Knit across all 20

I went and downloaded the pattern to look at it in full. It may just be me and the late hour but the directions don’t make sense to me. You cast on 20 and then it says to K4 and turn, then K4 again, then knit 6 and turn. What 6? If you knit 4 and turn there are only 4 stitches, you knit them and there are none left unless you turn there and it doesn’t say to turn until you knit 6 again.

Is this making sense to everyone but me?

You don’t have to do the wraps on this if you don’t want to. But, again, I don’t see how it is supposed to work at all.

She is knitting the 4 sts than turning and knitting them again and picking up more from the CO 20 sts on the next short rows.

I am not an expert but one in training. My favorite video for wraps is the one by Cat Bordhi:

I remember it better and the wraps get hidden.

That makes good sense. The only thing I don’t understand is why she knits/purls that last stitch in with the last wrap she is concealing.

You knit the wrap with the stitch it’s wrapped around to minimize holes. If you didn’t wrap and just knit on the next row, there would be an obvious hole where the work was turned.