One more FO-Kitty blanket

I had originally thought about making an afghan with various strips sewn together in various directions, somewhat like a log cabin pattern. I also just wanted to mess with these patterns because it was fun. I got three strips done and decided I didn’t really want to go on with it.

I could have frogged it–but there was entirely too much cat hair on it. So I sewed the strips I had together, and now it is a cat blanket.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the different patterns… it’s kind of like a sampler of different stitches.
I see it has an adoring fan who looks like he’s about ready to go beddy by… LOL!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Those are some gorgeous cable patterns!! What a neat way to play with them!

Now that is one lucky kitty!!! Great way to try out new stitches and your cables are really nice.

Your kitty looks very happy that you decided not to frog it. Very nice! :yay:

Your cables and the leaf pattern are beautiful! It looks like your cat is very happy with it, too!

:teehee: That’s a beautiful cat blanket! You could fold it again and stuff it and make a cat pillow! :teehee:

Aw!!! Your kitty looks very happy that you made him such a beautiful blanket.

I agree with everyone else! I love playing with different stitches, and those are very pretty. I don’t know what would happen if I made a blanket for my cats. They seem to think every blanket in the house is theirs anyway. If they thought it was for them, they probably wouldn’t use it (wait - I could use it for myself then!! Cat reverse-psychology…) :roflhard:

Anyway, great job, and your kitty is cute!

Beautiful! Cables are very nice, I really like the blue strips, and the colours match so well together!

Love it! On my gosh, keeping cat/pug hair off my WIPs is a constant challenge. You should have seen the BLACK scarf I just finished before I washed it!

Kitty’s face is saying: “you will make all things for me and my comfort alone. That is all.”

That is definitely the truth! :slight_smile:

Nice kitty banket. Lovely work on the pieces you put together. I assume your cat doesn’t eat knitting like our cat does, or he/she wouldn’t be getting such a nice item. LOL

No, this one doesn’t like to eat yarn. In fact she’s kind of strange. She likes to eat her dry cat food (won’t touch the wet stuff), and she likes Feline Greenies treats. If we have fish or something like that for dinner. I’ll give her a tidbit, and she’ll eat one little piece and after that she turns her nose up. She doesn’t like milk either. To me, this is really strange behavior for a cat that started out as a feral kitten who had to eat pretty much what was there to survive. Maybe she’s saying, “I had to eat garbage in the past, now I’m only going to eat what [I]I[/I] want to eat.” :slight_smile:

LOVE it!! I want to make a cable-sampler afghan too someday. There is one The Knitter’s Bible" by Claire Crompton ( I think that’s her name!) that I love.

Clearly your kitty is impressed too :teehee:

The cables for the blanket came out of the Harmony Guide220 Aran Stitches and Patterns.

I also have the Great American Aran Afghan book on my Amazon wishlist.

Cables are addicting!

Aw wow!! I absolutely love the cable patterns you used! :yay: I’m jealous of the cat. I wish I had a blanket like that xD

It looks like Kitty loves it!:yay:

Oh I love it and that beautiful cat! Seriously, those 3 strips you made are gorgeous! Good practice, and I’m sure kitty appreciates the gift! :teehee: