One more arisaig Q (from knitty)

I don’t know what happened.
I blocked this sweater I’m working on and now the yarn’s all hard.
I washed it using eucalan, or more like dunked it.
Now it’s not soft at all, and a little stiff even.
But it was supposed to dry flat?

Where did I go wrong??

It was jaeger matchmaker, if that matters. Is that just bad yarn?

I haven’t used the yarn, but read that it’s machine washable. I don’t know if that would make a difference, though.

Maybe you could try rinsing it with hair conditioner? That’s supposed to soften wool.

Try rinsing it in plain water - it sounds like something dried on your wool. If the water from your tap has lots of minerals in it, you might want to get a gallon or two of distilled water to rinse with.

The yarn is machine washable. I would run it through the delicate setting and see what happens.

I think you’re right, psammeadred! -
I hope it just washes out again.

I & C - the washers here like to gnaw, sbut maybe if this doesn’t work I will try to find a safe one somewhere else.