One circular to two for finish

I’m probably being pretty dense here, but I’m new to the two circular needles method, and don’t want to deal with twisting stitches and tangling my hat so late in the game. I usually use dpns, but have none in the size - so, quite simply, how do I go from one circular needle to two?
All the videos I’ve watched about the two-circ method have starting from the cast-on, and for some reason I just can’t picture how it transfers when you’ve already knit a great deal, and how to make sure I’m not knitting part of it inside out. Help? It might be as simple as just sliding half over and knitting normally, I just need some confirmation before I get myself in a tangle.


What I would do is knit half of the stitches with the one needle and then drop it and pick up the second needle and continue knitting the rest of the stitches. That would divide the work and since I knitted the stitches on there are no twisted stitches. Nana

Half the total stitches should be on each needle. When you continue to knit, you always hold the one needle in your hands, one end in each hand. Kint those stiches off one end onto the othe end. When those are done, turn your work and hold the 2 ends of the 2nd needle, one in each hand. Knit those stitches from one end onto the other end of the same needle.

Did you see the video here in Knitting help?
the only thing I do different is I always pull the needle I’m not using so the stitches are in the center of the cable. You’re less likely to knit on the wrong one that way. When you are ready to knit push the stitches you’ll be knitting on toward the tip of that needle. Go to the other end of the stitches and slide your fingers down the cable to the needle you’ll be working with. I do that to make sure I also don’t grab the wrong needle. So far I never have. It all becomes second nature after awhile and it’s a great method. Easy to do and easy to put down when you’re not knitting with the stitches in the center of the cables they can’t fall off. :thumbsup:

If you already have half the work done you just start knitting with the new needles. Knit half the stitches and then pick up the second needle and knit the other half. Voila!

Everyone has said “half the stitches on each needle”. I just want to say that about half is good, it doesn’t need to be exact by any means. If there is some reason to start the second needle before or after half, that is fine (for instance a cable in the way or something). I like to set it up so that I have a decrease right at the end of the first needle. Just easier that way if I’m doing K2tog because I never run out of the stitches I need and have to move some from one needle to the other (which is not hard, just a nuisance).

I think folks were saying this but I just want to say it again. The only trick is to always knit the stitches on one circular with the other end of the same circular. If you don’t you end up with all the stitches on one needle and have to take time to slip “1/2” of them to the other needle again.

I agree. About half is good especially if you’re doing stockinette (all knitting when when working in the round). Sometimes I have several more on one side if a pattern is involved.

Thanks for your help! It might be one of those things that looks impossible when you’re holding four needles and wondering what on earth happens next, but is actually very simple.

A further question: I am one of those people who has knitted occasionally and enjoys it, but who gets to the end and remembers, oh yeah, right, I have absolutely no idea how to end this and just want it done Now Already (this, of course, happens every single time). Any advice on elegantly tightening those last four or so stitches and weaving in the ends? Do you use a crochet hook, or sewing needles?

May I add that you need to give the yarn a little tug when starting a new row, to keep the work from laddering on you. I don’t seem to get that with DP needles, but I do when doing 2 circulars for some reason.

Not sure what you mean. You mean the last 4 when you’re binding off? I usually just bind off normally and weave the end in with this method.