One Circular Needle Decrease

I am new to knitting with circular needles and I’m making a hat with a single 16" needle. To finish the decrease, do I have to use DPN’s or is there a way to finish on the circular needle I’ve been working on so far? Thanks in advance for any tips :aww:

You could use the magic loop method (scroll down to small diameter knitting). Although that might be difficult on such a small circular needle. If you have a second circular of the same size you can use both of them to accomplish the same thing.

Usually it’s done on dpns or with another circ the same size (can be different length) or a longer one and magic looped or a modified version where you only loop one side. You could try that if you don’t have another circ the same size, video here - Modified Magic Loop

Hmm Looks like I might have to run back to the yarn store. I am working on a size 8 needle and the only thing I have with me is a size 6 29" needle (I’m on vacation and trying to keep myself occupied in the terrible weather.) I do, however, have another 16" size 7 circular…would that work in a bind??

Yeah, they’re actually close enough that to close up the top it would work. It’s only going to be for a few rounds.

Thank you so much for the responses. I guess I’ll just keep working on this one needle til it gets too difficult! Happy Knitting!