One bootie down

here is the one bootie… i’ll finish the other one later. gotta go run some arrands

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That’s SO cute! I love the “trying to eat the camera” face, too. :smiley:

Oh my gosh…those are so cute!

SO CUTE!!! :inlove:

What pattern are you using?

So cute!!! The booties are going to look great with the hat!

Carmell, those are adorable!! You work fast! She is a doll- will you post a pic of her dressed in it all when you are finished??

Very CUTE :cheering:

What a cute set!!!

earthchick~ugg booties

margie~ yes, i will post pics!

Thanks! :thumbsup:

TOO CUTE :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

One bootie down. Sounds like the name of a band. :lol:

Cutie booties, cute kid. Reminds me to get on the bootie making trail. I got so many friends making babies these days

that bootie is adorable!


Here is what I’m sending to my daughter.


How cool are those!! :cheering:

nice!!! :thumbsup: