One big headache

doesn’t seeing this just make you want to growl? some how I managed to untangle enough to finish the stripe, but once a cut it i have to untangle that ENTIRE thing so I can finish the scarf.GRR. I am only too excited for that time to come. i’ll never just throw a WIP into a tote with a whole bunch of other stuff EVER AGAIN!

p.s. i’ll be sure to post pictures when i finish the scarf. oh yeah, the other ball in the pic is what it looked like when i bought it…

ack!! what yarn is that? It look like lion microfiber to me… that stuff is a mess.

yeah, that darn microfiber. it gives me attitude when i’m trying to knit.

And I thought it was Woolease in the picture :rollseyes:

Sorry about the yarn tangle…but I’m loving the stripes :wink:

Sorry about your yarn tangle :frowning:

Lovely stripes though!

thanks guys! i somehow managed to finish that stripe and i will be cutting it and adding the new strand tonight. the horror will be over for a little while at least. :smiley: i am still laughing at myself because i let it go this far… :rollseyes: [/b]

OH, my… I did that with feather yarn once. bangs head on keyboard I hope you manage to get it untangled. Mine turned into a cat toy. :roflhard:

:shock: Good luck untangling! Reminds me of my first attempt at winding wool (without looking up instructions :blush:)… ended up with a completely knotted up hank of wool that took me an entire evening (and an entire living room) to bring back to life :doh:

Scarf looks awesome though so stick at it! :thumbsup:

A week ago I was knitting a wash cloth and the baby spit up on the yarn, so I just cut it out. Then my three year old spun the chair and the yarn got all wrapped up in the greasy dusty spin thingy (I dont know what its called) LOL so I’ve been getting used to lots of ends for no reason!