On strike

So i decided to make a nice pair of thrummed mittens for a friend. What I really wanted was to get rid of this wool i’ve had in my stash. I’m almost done and I RAN out!!! :hair: now i’ll have to buy more and i’ll have even more in my STASH!!:gah: I’m so annoyed I 've put them away and i haven’t bought more wool and i’m just so mad i haven’t knit anything in weeks!!! Anyone else gone on a similar strike? I don’t know who I think i’m getting back at on this strike but it’s just how I feel!

you strike girl. You have every right to be frustrated and angry. So to hell with the yarn gods and goddesses, strike away!!!

You are doing the right thing. Let me tell you a story about doing the opposite. About 3 years ago when I was a relatively new knitter, I bought a bunch of Noro Kureyon in color 102 for a sweater. The sweater came out TINY. Child-sized, even though I was pretty sure I got my gauge. The sweater sat around for about a year until I finally decided it was too much “good” yarn to be sitting around like that, so I frogged it.

I decided to use it for this, which I think we can all agree is lovely. I chose a bunch of other colors to drown out the 102 and went to work. About 1/2 through, I realized two things. It was HIDEOUS and I was going to need a lot more yarn. So I got more and hoped that it would be less hideous. About 2/3 through, I decided that it was not getting less hideous, and I frogged. I decided to make KathyMarie’s Paintbox afghan (pic below) that I saw on Ravelry. But I didn’t pay close enough attention to what she had done, and instead of using one color per square, I switched colors for every leg of the log cabin and ended up with something completely different. It is still a WIP, so I’m not sure if in the end it will look ok. I also didn’t pay enough attention to how much yarn would be needed, so I got to buy yet MORE yarn! And I don’t even like Kureyon! And it costs a fortune.

When all is said and done, this blanket will have cost almost $300!!! And I may have used up a lot of the original color 102, but not all of it, PLUS I will have some leftover other colors. It had better be gorgeous!!!

So I say hold your ground. You can’t let a project run you!

I don’t know if you need a lot more or just a little, but you could ask around here and see if anyone has some ‘leftovers’ in their stash that they’d be willing to part with.

I don’t really go on strike for knitting… I usually start a new project when a WIP starts misbehaving…

then I can let got of my frustration for that, but still have something to work on! But I also switch between knit and crochet… so when one is bugging me, I work on the other!

[COLOR=SeaGreen]May explain why I have so few FOs…[/COLOR]:think: :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I knew I couldn’t have been the only striker. The thought of having someone send me some yarn sounds nice but it’s just crappy stuff from walmart so it would be cheaper if i just buy some new stuff. Plus i don’t have the color sleeve anymore!! I’m on my way right now so i can finish this and get started on my sweater!