? On Gauge

Hi, I got this pattern for an All-Season Shell from Lion Brand. When you get to the Gauge part, it says 22sts=4 in. [10 cm] in k2, p2 Rib. That’s it, it does not tell me how many rows to do. I am assuming it is also 22??

When you CO for gauge check, use a few more stitches than you’d need… In this case about 28, so you can measure the middle 4". The end stitches, especially in ribbing are often a different size.

Not all patterns tell you a row gauge. Most likely the pattern will just tell you to knit for however many inches, instead of specifying a number of rows. The it won’t matter what your row gauge is, you just keep knitting until the piece is a certain length.

Although the row gauge is not listed, it probably won’t be 22. Knit stitches are actually rectangular, not square. The row guage is likely to be around 28, if the stitch gauge is 22.

Thank You!!!