On a scale of 1-10

What would you rate this in difficulty levels?? I love it but I am just trying to determine when I will be able to do it.


Someone more advanced than me can correct me, but I don’t think that this pattern is too difficult.
I would say after you’ve done your first easy cardigan/sweater and your first lace project(maybe a scarf?), you could begin with this one.
I consider myself an advanced beginner and would try that pattern.
Maybe you can contact the owner of the shop and ask her?

i agree. as an advanced beginner i would try this too.

Wow. This is a great site and the designer has some gorgeous items on there. There are also some videos of news shows she was on, and one of them featured that sweater (“Fashion Show” video). She said an Advanced Beginner could probably do that sweater design.

WOOHOOO!!! I am an advance beginer!! I am so doing this next!!!

So is an ‘advanced beginner’ in between beginner and intermediate?!

I’m not sure where I fit on the scale because some complicated things I can do, and sometimes some simple things I can’t do (or find it difficult to learn but I do try)! Weird eh?!

wow, this is an absolutely gorgeous cardigan. I think my step-mom will look great in it! She’s got some really neat patterns on her site.

Great pattern! I love the lingerie on that site; beautiful designs.

Thanks for showing us that pattern Nik.
It’s absolutely gorgeous… I hope to make it someday when I’m an advanced beginner knitter!
although come to think about it, that pattern looks like an intermediate knitter to me…

I just bought the pattern, after I receive it – I’ll post my opinion of the difficulty level.

many many millions of thanks!

I just got my copy of the pattern!

The main part of the jacket is all knit in one piece in a 2x2 rib then you add the lace edge on. There’s a lot of putting stitches on holders and picking up stitches from the edges, it also starts off with a “provisional cast-on” that you then remove to expose the live stitches where you’ll attach the lace.

The first time I read through the pattern I thought it would be the most difficult pattern I’ve done so far… but now I’d say its about as hard as some of the more difficult ones I’ve done.

Given the below scale, I’d probably rate this a 7 by just reading the pattern, once I get going I may lower the rating… but I’ve gotta finish another project before I can start this one.

10 was – I have no idea how to knit this
4 increase / decrease
3 rib stitch
2 stockinette stitch
1 garter stitch

Hope that helps! I’m really excited to start this one.

that helps a ton. It sounds a little more advanced than my skills at this point… but what better way to up my skills!!!