Had to kill some time yesterday, so I went into my LYS in Toledo. I had promised DH I would not buy yarn - I would just look (and fondle). I’ve been noticing entrelac patterns lately. I don’t know what it is about entrelac, but I think it’s beautiful. I had my mother get me Scarf Style for Christmas just because I wanted the pattern for the entrelac shawl. When I read the pattern, I was a little overwhelmed. I still consider myself a newbie, and the pattern seems a bit difficult. So anyway, back to the LYS…There on the counter was a BEAUTIFUL purse done in entrelac. I wish I had a picture to show you, because this purse was beautiful. It’s a “LYS exclusive” so I believe the woman I talked to last night created the pattern. You should see the sweaters she makes. OMG. She’s incredible! Anyway, she told me her schedule and told me to come in any time and she would work with me one on one! I almost fell over. I bought her pattern, and as soon as I finish this BORING shawl I’m making for my daughter, I’m going to do this purse.

If anyone is in Toledo, Ohio, The Yarn Company on Secor is a FABULOUS store!

I’m glad you had such a great experience at a LYS!

Entrelac patters are simply stunning and I do hope that she can help you with that purse! :cheering:

See, its that kind of a story that just warms my heart. Knitters are some of the most caring, giving, kindest people in the universe. sniff :hug:

I’m very near Toledo, and have been looking for a good LYS. Thanks for the tip! :muah:

Wow, great story!!! I love knitters!

That’s so cool! Entrelac looks so intimidating…