OMGosh! It's beautiful!

I just got a package in the mail from yarnmarket. I ordered the Douceur et Soie to make Branching Out from

OMGOSH!! It’s SO georgeous!! I’ve never fondled such a pretty yarn before. I wish I was done with this last golf club cover so I could start using it right away. I wish I had a digital camera so that I could show you all. :slight_smile:

I bought a ball for that very purpose MONTHS ago and totally forgot until I read this post! THANKS!!! :slight_smile: It is lovely, isn’t it? What color did you get? I think mine is fog… it’s like silvery, I love it!

:tap: :tap: :tap: You talk about this gorgeous yarn and THEN tell us you don’t have a camera? Shame on you. :fingerwag:

I know it might be the wrong color, but here’s mine anyway at least to hold you over. :wink:

and omg i didn’t even realize it was all natural fibers with 30% silk! i love it more!!! i’m off to commence with the knit. :slight_smile:


Is that the Fog? It’s georgeous! I bought white because I have a beautiful bright red wool dress coat that I want to make the scarf to go with. I have been busting my little fingers to get my golf club cover finished so I can start fondling… I mean knitting… this yarn. I should be able to by tomorrow night. :cheering: :cheering:

it is the fog, i was right. i’m sure the white will be lovely!!! the LYS i got it from didn’t have a huge selection of it, they had some other stuff all around it, i think by bernat, that kept tricking me, but the real douceur et soie only was in lemony yellow, fog, and a deep teal-y hunter. i had to have it, even though i had 6 varying hanks of laceweight yarn i had yet to fashion into anything recognizeable because I saw how gorgeous it was and understood why it was used in Branching Out.

Since I’m replying, I have to share another dork moment with Sean. I did commence with the knit after my last post, happened to have size 8s sitting right nearby. CO my 25, knit the first row, knit the second and I’m off a stitch… I’m like DANG IT! So I try to frog back to no avail, start over. Get to the fourth row this time, I’ve lost a stitch. I’m like DANG IT, try to frog back, you know the rest. Cast on a third time and by this time I am grumbling profanities to myself and thinking the yarn would be much more useful as kindling and then it hit me. What’s wrong with this picture:

I can’t imagine why I was having trouble. I switched to bamboos that DON’T match the freakin yarn and I’m almost done with the first lace repeat already. (sigh) :wall:

it really is lovely stuff again. :wink: i wonder if it wouldnt’ benefit from some freezing though…

Oooooooo, that IS nice. Thanks for the pics, Sean!

:inlove: That is pretty! Thank you!!

I just started playing around with my first true lace-weight yarn last night, and think I’m going to go to bamboo. The Addis are just too slippery.

i almost switched to the addis because my clover tips are a little blunt for the k3tog and slippy things in branching off, but i’m going to grin and bear it because you’re right on that. that’s why i started with the denises before i realized the… blending. :wink:

p.s. Bo Peep’s has all in-stock yarn on sale 50% off and they have Rowan Kidsilk, which is the same fiber content as the luscious douceur et soie


Thanks for sharing ! I think I need to empty my pasta storage for yarns now :muah:

I’m so glad you posted that pic! I was going to use my Denise’s to make the scarf. I think I’ll try with my boring old boye straights (even though I can’t stand straights) since they’ve got a nice pointed tip. And they’re purple so the yarn will show up on them. :slight_smile:

yours might be a little less trouble since you’ve got white. It’s funny, in the couple years I’ve been knitting and much longer time I’ve been crocheting, that is the very first time that has ever happened to me. I guess that’s why I didn’t figure it out for a bit (that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway.) I couldn’t help but think to myself, Amy’s rainbow Denise set sure would’ve been handy right about now.

since starting this was an impulse project and i have impending items overdue, i think i’m going to order some Bryspun straights from KnitPicks instead of grinning and bearing. :wink: I’ve heard they’re wonderful for lace. they’re offwhite, but i held the yarn against one of the flexi DPNs from them and it’s totally fine, just that gray on gray thing was :shock:

i’m looking forward to hearing about your branching off, though, keep me posted if you think of it. this yarn really is luscious and while knitting it, i feel like i’m spinning clouds or something. i know that’s totally cheesy, but with yours being white, it might even be more wondrous for you. :wink: there’s a pic below of where i stopped. it obviously will need to be blocked and i think it’s safe to say i obviously need to work on my lace, but i’m having so much fun with it and it really is a confidence builder. i’m so glad you posted about this yarn! I’ve had it for I don’t even know how long, you totally made my day. :smiley: (and btw, I totally didn’t notice the little daisy-esque things down the center in the knitty pictures. don’t know if they’re supposed to be there, but i think they are precious!!! I’m afraid they might disappear with blocking, we’ll see)

have fun with it and let me know how it goes!!! thanks again! :slight_smile:


i just saw the REALLY YUCKY boo boo in that picture that i completely didn’t notice until just now and look, no lifeline! ARGH!!! (I used it the first repeat but the second one went so well (or so I thought) I skipped it.

to rip or not to rip… that is the question. :doh:

Ooo now I want to buy some of that yarn or even Kid SilkHaze to make Branching Out instead of using the KP Elegance that I bought! Oh the decisions!! :?

I just spent the last 2 minutes playing “Spot the Difference” with your picture, comparing the first & second repeats and I can NOT see the mistake anywhere. I say don’t frog. :slight_smile:

I am ITCHING to get started on this. One more inch to go on my golf club cover and then I can get to it. :cheering: :cheering: Hmmmm. Maybe I should get off the computer and knit instead. :roflhard:

:cheering: thats really pretty

I’m with knitaddict - I can’t see the mistake either. And WOW! Is that ever purty!!! ewwwww I want me some of that.

I don’t see any mistake either. It’s very pretty!

Ds decided to watch a video so I started on mine. I’m only on row 7 of the first repeat, but I’m already in love. I’m SO thankful for Limey’s left-hand needles because there’s no way I could keep track of what I’m doing in each row.