Omgoodness....i so love this!

One of my bday gifts that my :inlove: sweetness :inlove: got me arrived today…I have only watched about 5 minutes of it and I already HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT :thumbsup: !!! Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “A Glossary of Knitting” dvd with her & her daughter, Meg Swansen. over 130 knitting techniques are demonstrated and EZ is a hoot!! EZ’s percentage system is even featured, which is good bc I never completely understood it bc I didn’t have a book…4 hours, my friends…of knitting with EZ & Meg Swansen…YIPPEE!! So much for finishing that scarf tonight :wink:

I think I’m going to have to ask for this. I love her books, I’d like to be able to see her ‘in person’, too.

Adding it to my Amazon wishlist right now!

edited…uh oh! its not available on Amazon! :frowning:

Knitpicks has it and they let you make a wish list you can email to er, people who might buy it for you! :slight_smile:

I put it on my KNIT PICKS wish list! :wink:

yeah i think you and hubby should get royalty now i want one too. thanks rebecca for the flower help in pm. I can see why hubby does such nice things, your a wonderful lady.

You are welcome about the flower tips, Internette…how sweet of you to say such things :smiley:
Oh my…LOL, I couldn’t knit & watch/listen to the dvd…I found myself ‘doing’ what she was saying…bad combo knitting one thing, listening to EZ speak of something else!
The dvd is as titled, an indexes glossary of a bunch of techniques! Everything is gone over, but not like a ‘class’ would be, not intensively, but you definitely get the idea…it’s great!! Now, I MUST have all of her books so that I can reference what she is doing in a book, etc…and i want all of her books! “Knitting Workshop” being my 1st selection! I can’t wait for all of her other VHS series to come out on dvd…YAY!! This is just FANTASTIC and I only watched as far as casting offs!! Both she & Meg show different things, it’s really great. I must say, I skipped right ahead to entrelac & they didn’t even actually do a lot of entrelac knitting, just a few minutes of explanations & knitting and :figureditout: I finially understand it…duh :doh: It was one of those techniques that I just had not tried bc for some unknown reason i was intimidated by it…like I was with socks…LOL!
She is really a hoot, an old English woman, funny & in dire need of a manicure :roflhard: …but it’s ok, bc it’s EZ :thumbsup:

:inlove: :inlove:

Okay, I already have that on my list, but now I want it to arrive TODAY. I have also been wanting to try entrelac, and I want EZ to teach me how to do it!!

Your husband is so sweet to you! Yay!!! :cheering:

WOW!! I don’t know how much they are…but I do have a $30 gift certificate to KnitPicks—wonder how far that would go to it?? I have heard SO many great things about that great lady of knitting! Wouldn’t it be fun to have that to watch ANY time DH is watching sports! HAH! :wink:

EZ doesn’t go into a lot of detail teaching entrelac, it’s not like a ‘class’…she & Meg show a few tips, but it was just the way she was turning this hat around saying do this and do that here & there that finally has made the entrelac process click for me. I’ve not ever even attempted it, rather glanced over directions. I don’t want to have any one be misinformed from me as if it were a class, if this makes sense :doh: !
I am absolutely THRILLED with it…I still haven’t watched the whole thing…LOL!
FYI…$39.99 on knitpicks, or, you can still find the vhs collection for $99 elsewhere… :doh: how silly is that?!
:smiley: Yeah, my :inlove: Lonnie :inlove: is a SWEETHEART!! He called me yesterday after going to the bank & (we are currently saving for vacation) said I put extra $ in the bank for you to order some of those needles you like (addi’s) so they will get here before we leave for vacation…how sweet is that?! I wasn’t going to order any bc we are saving for vacation & he just goes out of his way to make sure that I can have my biweekly ‘fix’ of addi’s :inlove: He is very, very thoughtful :angelgrin:

I just need it to “click” as well…something’s not making sense in the directions. I’m a visual learner anyway, but a fairly quick study (on a good day, anyway).

Oh what a sweetheart!! :inlove:


That is exactly how it happened with me, when I watched her pointed to this hat, and speaking as she pointed to the start up triangle row, then the rectangles… :figureditout: it made sense :smiley:

Yeah… :inlove: he’s :inlove: a :inlove: sweetie :inlove:

Ducking my head before I say this, but I got this out the library a while ago (on VCR not DVD) and I thought it was kinda dull. What’s wrong with me :doh:

I didn’t say it was exciting, but that she’s a hoot! I love it, I think that everything that is demonstrated is needed for my knitting library. It’s not going to be full of excitement…LOL…it’s like a PBS series from the 60s or 70s (with updates by Meg) and to tell you the truth, I have no idea when the original series was published, it’s been out on VHS for years! As have many of her things…of which I also want when they become available on dvd :thumbsup: It’s the techniques that I am thrilled to visualize…I’m a very visual person. Like the name says…it’s a glossary of knitting techniques…but, alas… I :heart: love it