OMG! Would you LOOK AT THIS!

Hehe… look what I learned how to do! That’s right… my very first successful attempt at DPN’s!!! And OMG it worked! I’m not sure how and why or when… but I really wanted to master it, so instead of taking my normal “take along project” with me (socks on 2 needles, which can be viewed in my blog) I decided to take the DPN’s instead… and while waiting to pick my son up from school, lo and behold!!! I managed to make a tube shape on DPN’s! :rofling: :cheering: Woohoo!!!

Hooray :cheering:

Hooray!!! :cheering: :cheering: Glad you figured it out! :smiley:

You have nice floor and rug. Can we see the rest of the house interior?


dpns for the win!


Good job. :notworthy: I still have to learn to do that. Kick bum! It’s so exciting to learn a new technique (yet another reason to love knitting).

Good for you!! :woohoo:

Hehe @ skNY… I would show it, but I just got a new lounge suite (OMG I LOVE my lazyboy!!) and well… it’s still a bit of a mess from moving all the furniture and stuff around. :oops: I suppose I should get on to that, huh?

This was going to be just a practice piece, but I found a pattern for a miniature sock so I think I might just continue on and turn it into something. :smiley: Woohoo!

:woohoo: :yay: Nice work!!! Don’t you love learning a new techique?? :yay: :woohoo:

:cheering: :cheering: WTG :cheering: :cheering:

Yay!! :yay:

Yay for you!! :cheering: