OMG Tinking back a YO row of knitting

OMG… OK so I was busy knitting along when I noticed that my numbers did not match up. I happened to notice this at the center marker when I was missing a stitch. I had made a mistake at the beginning of the row that I now have to tink… including the YOs, of which there are many. How does one tink a row that has lots of YOs in it… Please… HELP!!!

If you’re only missing one stitch and it’s a YO, just mark the spot on your needle where it should be and work the next row. When you get to the spot, pull up the yarn between the stitches as if you’re going to do a M1, and knit it, (but not through the back loop like you do for M1). It may be just a little smaller than the others, but should look okay once you block it.

Nope, I counted wrong and purled a stitch that was a knit stitch, meaning I purled 9 instead of purling 8 stitches, (P8, K3) across the whole row, and the row before that had YO`s all the way across it. My error is way back at the beginning of the row and it has sent my count completely wrong. I am one stitch wrong at the pattern marker. What now…


Thanks so much for trying to help me with my blunder. I finally figured out how to fix it. It has now been repaired and I am back on track with my shawl. I hope I didn`t sound short with you. That was certainly not my intention. I was just trying to convey to you what I had done wrong so you could help me fix it. I was frustrated at myself because I just HAD to do that last row tonight, for whatever reason. I knew I was tired and should have just left it alone until tomorrow, but I just HAD to have knitted to a certain point today… heaven only knows why.

Anyways, its fixed now (I hope) and I am hoping it wont show in the final FO once that is finished.

Thanks once again, so much, for your help!

YO’s are the ones that I always forget how they look on the needles, even in the middle of tinKing (I make lots of mistakes so you’d think I could tinK ANYthing by now! )

What I have done is make a little swatch and do a yo and then knit up to it on the next row and set it down next to me. Then I have it to look at for how my yo’s look. As far as actually tinKing it, I just put the needle into the stitch like I normally do.

Oh no, I don’t think you sounded short. Like me sometimes, you’re just blunt. I’m glad you figured out where you went wrong and got it fixed.