OMG! The Yarn Harlot's Blog

Has anyone The Yarn Harlot’s blog this past week? :thumbsup: I just read her post from yesterday. :roflhard: She has such a way with words and knitting, she never ceases to entertain.

To truly appreciate the 1/15 post, you need to start with the 1/9 post

That woman is crazy!

i know! she is amazing! those tiny little leaves! i am pretty much in awe of her!

oh, those are cute…

Wow! That is incredible and what a hoot she is. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that and had the incredible urge to go price the kit and drive myself insane.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!?:chair:

Those are some truly amazing socks she’s got going there. I think it’s pretty safe to say I will never, ever touch that kit.

I do, I really do feel great sympathy about it all unraveling like that. But ya know? I have to take encouragement in knowing that even a famous, expert knitter like that can have such things happen. It actually gives me hope. :slight_smile:

I love her writing, btw.

Holy crap!!! I think I’ve just been truly inspired to learn how to knit socks!! :knitting:

Her blog is always a hoot and she really is an inspiration to all knitters.

I always read her blog and when she posted that yesterday i felt her pain all the way from Canada :stuck_out_tongue: If you like the blog, her books are just like it. I got three of them for the holidays :slight_smile:

She is too funny!:roflhard: Wow, that sock scares me. I can only hope to achieve her kind of skills some day.:notworthy:

This is exactly the reason why my darling dh says I cannot possibly like knitting as much as I say I do.

How can you love something that causes so much frustration, he says, as I frog out yet another project that I am doing to teach me something new…lace, cables, dpns…

Personally, I think it’s the muttering that does it.

Her blog is sooo funny. I don’t have enough crazy in me to take on grape leaf socks (I’m so in awe!) but it definitely sounds familiar. We knitters are a little crazy.

I have a link to her blog on my homepage so I see it every day. Hilarious! She has such a way with words! :roflhard:

And I will never make those socks…then again I said I’d never make another scarf and I am… :teehee:

I must say that I’ve never actually read her blog before… and now I have no idea why I waited so long… I loved the Yarn Harlot, I’m working my way through Knitting Rules (I’m loving the mix of practical knowledge with just pure funness).
I sat here with my hand over my mouth at just the idea of that sock falling… In some ways I think she’s crazy for attempting such a sock, it sounds so intricate, yet so exciting… I could see me attempting something like that sometime, the challenge of it makes it fun. (I made myself the Rib and Lace Tank Top from IK over the summer when I had just taught myself to knit in late January, my mom thought I was nuts)

I read that yesterday when she posted it. I started out thinking “Wow that sock looks great”…when I got to the part where she dropped it and …plink plink plink…my jaw dropped. I so felt her pain, but had to giggle at her reaction and what she posted. I check her blog daily, it’s such an entertaining read.

That’s hilarious, not that she dropped it and it frogged itself, but that she can then write about it. Probably helps her hold onto her sanity.

I was sitting in Borders’ one day reading her books, LOL, the guy next to me said, “A KNITTING book is funny?”

I LOVE the Yarn Harlot. I read her every day. I’ve actually got to get over there today and catch up on the sock saga. Those leaves are so cute, I dream of the day to be that good.

That’s just hilarious! I laughed till I cried. She’s a wonderfully talented writer (and knitter, of course)!

I have her blog bookmarked in my favorites. Reading it is the highlight of my day!

oooo yeah…those little tiny leaves in all those yummy colors. I can relate to that kind of crazy:hug::happydance:

I absolutely love her! I grew up in Toronto, so I love when she mentions little bits about Canadian/Torontonian culture. I love her books and I try to read her blog as often as she updates it. It really does make knitting funny!

when the sock fell :noway:, i stopped breathing.
when a blog post is titled like that, it’s never a good thing. reading her near-daily blogs is like actually experiencing it with her. if there are other people in the house while i’m reading her blog, i kind of have to be careful that i don’t laugh [I]too[/I] loud. people have actually complained before - namely my mother. hey, that’s what they’re for, right? :teehee: