OMG! Sweet P and Project Runway

If you are a PR fan, and have NOT seen last’s night episode yet…don’t read on if you don’t want it spoiled for you…

OMG! I said earlier that I stumbled on a blog that posted the fashion week…it showed that ALL 5 made it…including Sweet P! I guess they do invite all 5 back for the fashion show, but really only 3 will show on the PR???

I burst into tears when Sweet P was cut. Talk about unfair! She had to sit in the back and watch everyone else jump around because they all made Fashion Week.

I think she’s much better than Chris. What do you think?

So now the third is Rami or Chris. I think they will give it to Chris because he is all about the “drama” and unfortunately Rami will probably make his entire collection using drapery. What do you think?

Christian will win the entire show. He gets on my nerves but cracks me up at the same time. He is very talented.

Another side note. Project Runway was orginally started with the intent of finding the best designer who can show on the runway but be commercial as well…Chris does not fit that bill…Sweet P does.

Sigh. They always cut my favs. First Austin Scarlett and now Sweet P.

okay - I’ve looked at the designs being shown for fashion week (more people then the “finalists” have shown at fashion week every season - though this year’s five is the most I believe) and as far as I can tell from the descriptions and things the photos being shown are of Rami’s, Sweet P’s and jillians.

Victorya also had a show at Fashion Week. Her stuff was very blah and shapeless, like on the show.

Sweet P was a Fashion Week decoy, but her designs were lovely and sophisticated (especially compared to some of the stuff she did on the show. Chris also showed and his designs were nice too, but I’m guessing he gets cut from the competition and the final three will be Christian, Jillian and Rami (they loooove him despite the draping).

And I’m TOTALLY ADDICTED to this show!!! :teehee:

Did you know that alot of Victorya’s stuff is on the Bitten line??? Hmmm…does she have a new job?