Omg omg omg...what a surprise!

:happydance: I have the :inlove: SWEETEST :inlove: most SPECIAL :inlove: HUSBAND in the WORLD…as I’ve said before :wink: !
Well, I said on here a few days ago that my digital camera was acting wonky, colors weren’t true, batteries were being sucked dry quickly and someone said…“You just tell Lonnie and he’ll get you one.” Well, … :inlove: HE JUST WALKED IN WITH ONE :shock: !! :cheering: :cheering: I was (and still am) in shock :shock: !! He’s the bestest :heart: :inlove: :heart: man around for a gazillion and one other reasons, too :wink: !
Okay, this is a very cool Nikon that does SO MUCH MORE than my dying digital camera, too :smiley: !!
Thought I would share…I’m off to play with it ;)!!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS :cheering: :cheering:

Honestly, Becca…you could probably live very comfortably off the money you would make RENTING HIM OUT!!

May I say I told you so???

[size=2]It’s just not fair, I say![/size]

Was it you, Ingrid, I couldn’t remember exactly who said it and I was so befuddled & excited that I couldn’t find the thread where you had said it to show Lonnie :smiley: !!
OMGoodness, :inlove: he is just the :inlove: sweetest thing ever…AND, he also came in with an extra hard drive for me to put pics on bc I’m always worried about using too much space, etc with pics so I don’t take as many as I want…so HE GOT THAT, TOO!! He said, “Babe, now you just take all the pictures that you want and please don’t worry about that, you can just put them here.”…one of a kind, yes he is! Now he’s gone to get his Mom so they can spend some time together :smiley: He sweet in a gazillion ways :angelgrin:
Oh, KK, he was here when I read your post…he grinned and really :blush: blushed…you made my big 6ft3in hubby blush :wink:

Have you considered cloning this man? I don’t agree with human cloning, but for this…I’d make an exception. :roflhard:

Amen Sista! You are one lucky woman. :smiley:

:smiley: Ya’ll just make me smile…I so love bragging about my sweet :inlove: man! Spoiling me is just a tiny thing that he does…he has a heart :heart: of GOLD :smiley:

What a rare find! Does he give lessons? Maybe write a “Sweetest Man Alive” tutorial and sell it on line. My husband could use some good reading. :roflhard:

I keep telling her that he needs to give classes but its not working yet. :roflhard:

I feel myself turning green. I saw he bought you more nnedles as well. geez woman. :doh: :wink:

Wow. You are one lucky woman! I have a great husband, but yours is beyond great. Gee whiz!

Lonnie for President 2008!!!

Yea! Id vote for him!

WOW, ya’ll are all so sweet :heart: ! I can’t disagree, he is a :inlove: sweetie pie :D! Then, after all that he had already done, when he was last out today (I wasn’t able to go out bc my leg & hip were bothering me too much from Thanksgiving activity, etc) he came home with a movie that I said that I’d like to see, I meant get it from Netflix, but he said it was on sale and he couldn’t pass it up bc I mentioned wanting to see it :D. AND, bc my leg/hip are bothering me, rather than getting all of our decorations out & my decorating… :inlove: he went & bought a small tree, decorations and when I walked in the living room after having to lie down for a while…there stands this cute little tree, lights, ornaments & tree-topper that :inlove: he just went & quickly bought & put up so I wouldn’t have to worry with decorating so that I will feel well so we can go out of town after Christmas. My goodness…I am THE LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I post some of these things that he does for me bc I am so proud to be married to such a wonderful man. Gosh, if I started on what he did for others…he just has a heart of GOLD…A BIG :heart: ONE. Thank ya’ll for seeing that & appreciating it, means aLOT to me…him, too, but he gets embarrassed :wink:

Wow Rebecca! What a thoughtful soul he has–a sweet compassionate soul! :inlove: :inlove: You must be one heck of a wife, too!

(The jealous part of me, of course, can’t help thinking he’s fictitious… :rofling:)

Rebecca he is wonderful. I am so glad that you have a great husband too. Mine is wonderful in his own way. We don’t have money for all the great presents you are getting but he will rub my back and put lotion on my feet. Which is a great thing for a woman almost seven months pregnant. Tell him we love hearing about all the wonderful things he does for you. I think you should knit some more things for him. He is definitely worth it.


I know Lonnie is such a tremendous support for you, Becka. I’m so glad he is able to be thoughtful in how he does help you. And, I know YOU, too, treat him with love and respect and he knows how much you appreciate him. I, too, am blessed with a loving and thoughtful man and I could not make it without his love and help. David and his love were at the top of my ‘thankful list’ yesterday (and today and yesterday and tomorrow!)


Rebecca, your post about the tree actually made me get teary-eyed. He is such a sweet, loving man. You can tell just by all of the things he does for you that he truly loves and cherishes you and is there to make you a happier person in whatever way he can. You are one lucky woman… and he is a lucky man to be married to you too!

Ya’ll are all so very sweet, that means so much too me! Gosh, ya’ll just about made me cry saying such sweet things :smiley: He is a sweetie, FOR SURE :smiley: ! And, believe u me, he’s surprised me with stuff all of our years together, but we’ve not always had the $ for such things as I’ve been surprised with recently LOL, but, as I’ve said before, he’s surprised me with anything from Silly Putty to jewelry over the years & the silly putty is sitting right by the jewelry bc it means just as muc bc of the thought behind it :wink: !
LOL…Angelia, that’s too funny…I promis he’s real! My imagination isn’t that good, to think up someone as special as he :inlove:
Now, he’s and his Mom have gone to church & he’s been taking care of me since yesterday bc I’ve got some yucky bug & he sticks his head in the door every few hours to make sure I’m okay. :wink: I’m headed right back to bed now, too…I was just glancing @ the forum to see what’s going on & I want to read everyone’s post, but I feel yucky & must catch up tomorros :frowning: …Ya’ll all know that I MUST be kept in the loop and I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING :wink:

Rebecca What is your receipe for such a husband? Mine seems only
to care about his golfing and fishing. Next on the horizon is his 40th birthday. Maybe then I can whip him into shape.


Hope you’re soon feeling well, Becka. Take care.