OMG... Has anyone used Patons Carmen?

I picked up 2 skeins of Patons Carmen the other day and I found it be the softest yarn I’d ever touched ! Of course I had not touched that many type of yarns myself. So for those who have had the luck to feel a lot of good soft yarns, what do you think?! :shock:

Personally I hate that furry stuff, but it does look soft!

Carmen is really soft but there is hardly any yarn in the ball…that and it’s rarely ever on sale. I will only allow myself to pay full price for that yarn.

How about using those 40% off coupons? I used two on two skeins, so they were $3.59 each.

There is a website that is selling them for $1 each. You do have to buy $50 worth of yarn though but it still is cheaper. The highest price yarn they have is $2.99 for stuff that would normally cost almost $9. So well worth it. Isn’t Carmen discontinued? I could only find it online where I live. Their website says it is discontinued. Anyway, there is the site. Thought it could be of some help if you needed yarn.

That’s the kind of yarn that usually ends up in dollar stores or Big Lots.

I love Patons Carmen! I have made several afghans. They are in demand in my family. They are so soft and warm and they wash beautifully! I don’t know how anyone can say they don’t like it. I am on the internet looking for it all the time. Does anyone out there have any to sell or know where you can still buy it?

Knitting with Paton’s Carmen is a sensory experience…I can’t believe it was discontinued or that folks think it’s Big Lots material. But…to each his own. I find knitting with wool to be misery. It is a beautiful yarn and a joy to work with!

I have six skeins - whole, unopened, in Ebony (black shot through with gold and ivory). I have it listed on Craig’s List in Michigan. Let me know if you’re interested!

Do you still have that yarn for sale? I know it was last year, but i’ve been looking everywhere and I only need one skein!

I can’t say I enjoy working with it (cramps my hands for some reason) but the end result is always beautiful. I find working it on a knitting loom to be the easiest.