Olympic Dishcloth KAL - The Olympics are Officially Over - What's Your Dishcloth Count?

I’ve been pondering this idea for a bit and was wondering if anyone would be interested…

I have a lot of Peaches 'n Cream sitting around and have been wanting to make some dishcloths and washcloths.

My thoughts are to try to complete one on each day of the Olympics. That would make 17 FO’s when it’s all said and done.

Anyone game?

We could post suggested patterns or just do whatever we want.

Oh, and here’s a link to the schedule of the games. Opening ceremonies are on 8/8, and the Closing ceremonies are on 8/24.

Since it does not start till 8/8 I may be game. will just have to see how many balls of cotton that I have, I have spent quite a lot on yarn recently so this would have to be a stash only knit.

Thanks for the link to the games schedule, have saved it so I know when to watch the things that I like.

Auburn your encouraging me to go buy cotton yarn LOL But I’m game. To look for some good patterns there is knitting knonscence, Knitting Pattern Central and of course Ravelry.

I’m kind of looking at this as a stash-buster KAL too. I have so much cotton yarn, that I think it would be a great way to use it up.

Regardless of how many cloths we complete, we’ll at least have our own goals while we’re watching others reach their’s.

Sounds like a good idea to me. A good way to use up that 14 oz ball of cotton.

I’m in! I have several balls of Sugar & Cream and planned on making dishcloths for my new home.

I’m in!

That’s great, all! I’ll see what kind of patterns I can find for the cloths…things to go along with our theme, if you want.


Sounds like fun, I’m in! :slight_smile:


Yay! This will be a lot of fun!!!

Here are a few patterns I found…

Dishcloth Pattern Site

Continental USA Cloth

Dragonfly and His Dinner

Feather and Fan Dishcloth
Doily Style Dishcloth

Just a few to get started…

:yay: I’m in!!

Can we do the same pattern on them all? (I tend to do the Grandmother’s favorite diagonal pattern all the time :teehee: )

I’m in, I have plenty of sugar n cream and would like to give dishcloths as gifts to my co workers this year. So I’m be depleting my stash(making my DH happy) and completing Xmas gifts early.

Oh yes, of course! Please feel free to use whatever pattern(s) you want. The point is to knit as many as you can or want. This will definitely be a good time to knit some up as gifts or whatnot.

I’m in! :cheering: What a great idea!

This will be my first KAL, and it’s perfect! I have a bunch of random balls of Sugar n’ Creme that I bought about a year or so ago that are just waiting to be made into more dishclothes.
I don’t think I have 17 worth, but I’m going to knit them up until they are gone. :lol:

Welcome, welcome!

Use what you have…then buy more if you’ve got to. :thumbsup:

I’m so glad this idea is catching on. Y’all rock! :muah:

Here’s another one for the dishcloth sprint! :wink:


:yay: This will give me a head start as well…I usually start dishrags in Sept when I take Isaiah up for the school bus…I give them out all year long and like to have plenty on hand (esp. 'cause I have one friend that likes to take them hot off the needles) :teehee:

This is my favorite dishcloth site lately.


Thanks so much! :hug:

I have tons of cotton to use & just need the motovation, thanks! I’m in. see y’all on 8-8 (ok so I’ll check in before that) maybe I can get my central park hoodie done before that.