Old/New KAL Hugs for Homeless Animals

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to this site, but I thought this might be a good place to let folks know about this site I’ve found.

(Just put the links in the “How-To” forum as it had to do with a question I had.)

But it fits in well with using up one’s stash! I’ve been knitting (and crocheting) snuggles for homeless animals in shelters. I’ve not bought anything new to do it, just using up small balls & frogging 3 projects I never quite finished that have been lying around for years.
Here’s a link to the Snuggles Project, hope you’ll check it out.

The Snuggles Project

BTW, if you decide to do this & you go to use the pattern called Reversible Knit Snuggle, the first row’s directions are wrong. You need to reverse the yarn in front/yarn in back direction. :lol:

Have a great day, everyone!


P.S. You don’t have to be a member to participate in this endeavor…I simply contacted a shelter local to me and asked if they’d be interested in getting some of these…

Here’s the original Hugs for Homeless Animals site’s pattern library:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

I’ve found it’s a great way to try some techniques (reversible knit, fancy pattern stitches, 2-color knitting, etc.) that I haven’t attempted before!


Diane -

These “snuggles” are the reason I decided to start knitting again. I found a posting on my local animal shelter’s website and decided to jump in. I agree - they are a great way to learn new stiches and new techniques without having to commit to a whole project. I really like how the site points out they don’t have to be perfect - the animals will love them no matter what!

Take care,

That’s really cool, Sara! I, too, hadn’t been knitting for MANY years, but a friend decided she wanted to learn/relearn & dragged me along to the LYS for classes. In searching for something to do as a project that wouldn’t break my (empty) piggybank, I found 3 mostly finished (but not quite) sweaters that have been sitting around for years, frogged them & I was off to the races. I love it, cause I’m using big needles; goes really fast & I don’t have time to get bored with it; I’m using up all kinds of stuff that’s just been taking up space; I’m learning some really cool patterns & techniques that I’ve never tried before and I get to feel good about donating them to Animals in Distress (one of our local no-kill shelters).

If I can borrow a digital camera somewhere, I’ll send you some pics before I take 'em over there. I’ve got 3 or 4 done & 2 more on needles.


I’ve thought of doing this in the past, and never got around to it. Thanks for waking me up! I can’t wait to help out the sweet animals! :heart:

Well hey there, Kaye!
Good Morning
Go for it! :thumbsup:

Thank you for sharing this. I was wondering if they did anything like this and here it is!
I’ll be joining for sure.

Hi knittnl,

Welcome to the Forum & thanks for your kind words & your willingness to join in this worthy endeavor! You’ll find there are lots of worthwhile charity projects to knit along with here.

Have a great day & keep on knittin!



I keep telling myself I’m going to do this, and never get around to it. A well-needed kick in the pants! :slight_smile:

Hi Knitstress!

Doesn’t look to me like you need a “kick in the pants”…LOL

Let me know how hard/easy (haha) the Feather & Fan pattern is…I’ve looked at it & thought it looked really cool, and then thought, hmmmm, maybe not right now…

Any chance you could send me a pic / link of the doggie sweater? The cat sweater I’m doing is kinda “stuck in neutral” as the directions are kinda incomprehensible…

Have a GREAT spring day!


P.S. Forgot to add that I LOVE your quote!!!