Old Navy knock off pattern

Anyone seen anything that looks like this:


Saw it at ON and thought I could do a better job by using nicer yarn. Why they decided to photgraph it all bunched up like that, I’ll never know. It looks better on the hanger.

I haven’t seen a pattern that replicates the Old Navy version exactly, but each of these has some similar attributes:




You could try using a pattern like one of the above suggestions and then creating your own modifications to make it more like the Old Navy version. :knitting:

Or maybe someone else will have a pattern that more closely resembles what you’re looking for. Either way, it looks like it would be a great project … be sure to post pics if you end up going ahead with it! :thumbsup:

I am sure I can get something like that to work! The ponchos might work if I didn’t join them in the round. I like that Vogue one.

That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t seen the Old Navy example you posted in person, but in the website photo it looks like from a construction point of view it’s basically a poncho with buttons placed to create “arm holes” and draw in the body to create some shape. It’s a neat idea … and one that seems like it would be relatively easy to re-create from a knitting standpoint! :knitting:

The exact pattern I have not found, but things you might like… maybe?

maybe this one, worked longer?

This one?



and one interesting one:

Those all have potential! Maybe the second one your posted worked longer. Esp since it is sewn up the back, I might be able to pick up st and make a button band instead of sewing it up the back.



that sounds good. Have fun making this!