Old fashioned tie headband

I wonder if there is a free pattern for an old fashioned headband with a tie like we used to wear as kids? I looked on Ravelry and found one that is crocheted but am not really comfortable doing crochet, just maybe in a pinch. Any help would be appreciated.

I thought there was one at knitpicks, but not quite.

I made the Vicorian Lace one from knitpicks, but just knit the headband the length from just below one ear to just below the other. then I knit i-cord at each end so I could tie it. You can pretty much do the same with any headband pattern you find.

Even use any stitch pattern that comes out as wide as you want it then knit it to length and do the i-cord thing. or even a simple crochet chain tie. Or a couple stands of the yarn and braid it for the ties.

found these:



Look thru these:

Knitty has one that’s an entrelac pattern, so you could learn a new technique, too.

Oh boy, you brought back memories talking about tie-back headbands. I used to wear an angora one, when I was about 9 years old. My mother would insist on tying it under my chin, rather than around the back of the neck. I remember it well.

Thank you so much ladies! I assumed that the headbands of today were all slip over your head. Well now I know differently!. I think that I found one after looking at your suggestions!