Old castle style wheel having issues

I recently got an old castle style wheel. No drive band, and a broken scotch tension peg, that I’m currently repairing. First off, I’m unsure if the is a double drive, single, or both. The bobbin, and the whorl have grooves(2 on the bobbin) but, she also has a scotch tension peg(with the remnants of a monofilament brake band, hook on the front of the MoA, but weirdly, no hook or eye to attach on the other side, or hole to show there HAD been one. I’ve tried double band, but the drive band(light cotton yarn) keeps popping off whenever I put any tension on the fibre as I draw. With a single band ofc, there’s no brake so no pull on so I can’t really test that till I have the peg repaired and a new brake band installed.

Uploading: EC77A350-CF08-4E15-A015-BC51CD97DC98.jpeg… Uploading: 33DDD1E5-5613-4B18-8655-452B591DB65D.jpeg… Uploading: B92097F1-0B63-4E80-AFBB-88C42B332B7B.jpeg… Uploading: BF82AFBD-6C43-4D94-B660-B4D99A8E2969.jpeg…

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Sounds like a big project. @mullerslanefarm can you help out Catzster.

Hey @Catzster, Nice looking wheel. Can you upload pictures of it from different angles so we can see the bobbins, whorl, both sides of the MoA? Thanks!

I see a chunky knob in the middle of the MoA, does that cause the MoA to tilt? If yes, then it can be used as a double drive. I have great results using plastic pony bead lacing as a drive band for double drive instead of a cotton band.

Without seeing the front and back of the MoA, I can’t give any suggestions for the Scotch tension.

(Hey @salmonmac! It’s been a while! Thanks for the tag.)


It has been a while but you are ever ready to help out with your expertise. Thanks so much Mullerslanefarm!

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